Unboxing the May 2021 Glossy Box

For those that don’t know Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box.  Usually it comes in a bink pox with black detail but this month was a yellow box with gold details. The theme is Let the Sub Shine so the yellow and gold is appropriate. Personally I think it is quite a lovely design. I love the little gold details on the inside of the box.

The cost is $21 per month, unless you sign up for one of their longer subscriptions.  Personally I signed up for the annual subscription and pay $18.  They still charge monthly so it is really easy to budget.  At the moment you can get your first box for only $16 with the code SUNSHINE16.  I love those sign up deals as it is a great way to find out if you are going to like a subscription before committing to it. 

While I like Glossy Box, this month was a little strange.  First of all it came much later than usual (however they did actually send an e-mail letting me know it was going to be late so I wasn’t left wondering where it was). Secondly, not all of the items I received in my box were the ones in the little pamphlet that came with the box. 

Usually there are five items and this month they decided to add sixth item as an extra treat.  The extra treat item was the Thermal Water spray from Uriage. While most of the year, I don’t really bother with spray water, in the summer I adore it.  I keep a bottle of the Avene Thermal Spring Water beside the back door so I can quickly spray myself after worming in the garden.  It is amazingly refreshing.  I’ve never heard of the brand Uriage before, but I am certainly willing to give them a try. 

But that was the extra treat.  The first item listed in the brochure that I did receive was the Earth Harbor Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampule.  It is a full size which is really nice.  Lately it seems that there has been a lot of Earth Harbor appearing in subscription boxes. 

I am currently using the Marina Ampule and I have an Aroura bottle waiting in my skincare drawer.   I did see Red Algae listed on the label of this one and I I know red Algae was part of a Skyn Iceland Serum I tried a while ago.  I really liked how it worked with my skin so I am excited to give this a try. (I’m also planning to reorder the Icelandic Youth Serum from Skyn Iceland, but that is another story)

The second item in my Glossy Box this month is something I’ve tried before.  It is the Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt in the scent Dream Away which is Valerian And Hops.  This is actually my go too bath salt scent and brand and I usually have a jar of it stashed in the bathroom.  In fact I recently reordered a jar of it as I was out.  It is a fantastic soak and a lovely scent to wind down the day with.  I am always happy to have this in any size as I know it will be used.

Next out of the box is a product for the hair.  It is the Aveda Nurtiplenish leave in conditioner.  It is supposed to help protect hair from the damage of the sun which I have to say I am all for.  I spend a lot of time out side in the summer time and my hair always takes a bit of a beating. 

Aveda is a brand that I used to use a lot and just sort of got away from.  It has nothing to do with the brand, it is still a good brand, I just wanted to try some new things.  It is a tried and true brand for me though and I am happy to try something new from them. 

Or maybe just new to me, I am not certain if it is a new release product, or merely something I haven’t seen before.  Either way, I look forward to trying it out.  I have recently been concentrating on whittling down my sample sized hair products so I have actually cleared out a lot of space for new ones.

Here is were the contents of the box go a little off script.  According to the booklet that came with the box my last two items should be a Josephine Cosmetics liquid Highlighter and a Deluxe size of the Polaar SPF 50 Sun Cream.  I’ve had good luck with both brands before and I am sad not to actually have them. 

The first Item I received instead was the Nails Inc Nail polish in the shade Blossom Kisses.  I actually really like Nails Inc.  Their nail polish goes on well and lasts for quite a long time.  However I already have this exact shade, which I also got from a Glossy Box almost exactly a year ago.  So I will be passing it along.  Had it been a different color, I would be super happy.  But alas, it is not. I do know that it will be loved by the person I am passing it on to.

That leaves me with the final item of the Bella Pierre Stay put Brow Gel.  I tend to be a bit more of a pencil or powder brow person, when I remember to do more than tame them with a spoolie, but I am willing to give more brow products a chance.  I will try it out and see how I feel about it.

And that was my May Glossy Box.  It was an odd sort of box this month.  They are good products and several I am very thrilled to have.  I just find the non-listed contents strange.  I think that this month, with the shipping issues and the contents issues, Glossy Box just had an odd month. 

Not a bad month, just an odd one. I enjoyed it though and hope that in June, things work out a little better for them.

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