Trying out the imPress Color Press On Manicure from Kiss

This box of Kiss imPress Color Press on Manicure was sent to me by Influenster. To be honest, I would never have picked them up on my own. I have always done my own nails. I love picking out the colors and polishing them on my own. Because there are seasons where work in the garden tends to destroy my nails, I like to take my manicure time as a time to put oil on my cuticles and treat my hands to an extra moisturizing lotion. I even have a sheet mask for my hands waiting in the wings for when the early season gardening gets to be too much for my hands.

while this work does do a number on my hands, it also has consequences for my nails. Part of my manicure attention is to deal with little nicks and dings to my nails before the nails can end up splitting painfully down to the bed. Nail polishes don’t last and my nails, while nice and long in the winter, don’t tend to make it through the spring.

I have in the past tried press on nails for when I went out in the summer, but i never felt confident enough in the glue used to hold them on and always suspected that they would pop off at an inopportune moment, possibly ending up in the coleslaw. I don’t know why I always picture them landing in the coleslaw, but that is my mental image. None have ever landed in food, but they have been known to not adhere as well as I like, often leaving me with half a manicure.

Then of course are the other kinds of fake nails which can actually damage the nails themselves. While my nails do take a beating during the planting season, they are overall fairly healthy so I didn’t want to risk damaging them for the sake of having long nails. In addition there is a limit to how long I can have my nails and still be able to type on my keyboard effectively. As a good chunk of my workday is spent writing at a computer my nail length has a limit beyond which they really can’t go without making me somewhat ineffective.

I accidentally chose a thumb that was a little too big for this hand, but otherwise I really enjoyed them

However when the impress Color Press on Manicure arrived I decided to give it a try.The color (Petal Pink) is a dusty Rose that actually matches one of my favorite nail polishes. The kit comes with 30 nails and to be honest I had to dump them all out on the flat of my desk to find out which sizes were appropriate for which finger. The box recommends putting the nails on all of your fingers first and then doubling back to your thumbs. Once you start applying them it is easy to see why. The glue tabs are pre attached to each nail and you really need your thumbs to help peel the backing from the glue.

Once pressed into place, these nails stayed where they were put. For me they were also just the right length. It took me a few minutes to get used to them as they are longer than my actual nails. However the length of them isn’t too bad. They are actually at the upper end of what I can use to type. Anything longer would cause me issues at the keyboard. These nails are my upper limit for nails.

Once certain I could work in them, I wore the set for a week solid. At no time did any of the nails even shift let alone fall off. The paint on the nails didn’t chip at all and they looked exactly the same at the end of the week as they did at the beginning. At the end of the week I took them off. Because of their staying power I feared the damage they might do coming off. The box does give you a small wooden orange stick to pry them off should you need it. The instructions also recommend using a little bit of nail polish remover to get them off if they aren’t peeling off on their own.I have one of those nail polish remover dips in the jar so I dipped a nail in, pulled it out and the nail came off easily. There was a little bit of glue residue on my nail, but it easily wiped off with more nail polish remover. They were easy on and easy off while looking lovely in between.

Because this was sent to my by influenster I didn’t pay for them however I did go and look them up once i decided to try them out. On the ImPress manicure site the sets of nails are offered for $8.99. They are also sold at Ulta and Target for a slightly lower price ($7.39) but Ulta and Target don’t seem to have as wide a variety as offered on the imPress website. They just seem to have the basics. Which is fine. I really like the basics actually. Although on the website they do have an OPI collection I couldn’t resist looking into as I really like OPI Nails. The gray of Suzi talks with her hands may end up coming to me soon.

Also when I looked on the site, imPress is having a Memorial day Sale. From now until memorial day you can get free shipping with the code SHIPFREE. It looks like normally they only ship free if you spend more than $25. I am not affiliated with them, I just saw the code on the site and thought I’d share.

While wearing these on a daily basis isn’t something I think I would do, partially because they would be wrecked in the garden and they do make a slight clicking noise when I type with them. I can very easily see keeping a collection of these around for when I go out. I can very easily see myself using them when my own nails have taken a beating and I want my hands to look presentable when going out somewhere. I would never have chosen to pick these up on my own but I really like them and can easily see myself stocking them for an instant manicure. I am very pleased with the way they performed and I know I won’t have any fear of losing these in the coleslaw.

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