The Daily: June 3rd, 2021

Good Afternoon my darlings and I hope you are doing well. I think I finally managed to sort things out with scheduling and will actually be able to roll into Friday with a lot less stress and the ability to have a regular week next week. I think that having a three day weekend, coupled with the fact that June has begun and that means the year is technically almost half over sort of threw a lot of things into a tail spin. People started evaluating projects and adjusting time lines like crazy.

Also I think a lot of the people I work with are now back to working in their offices rather than at home and they are finding themselves somehow less productive than they were working from home. I actually spoke to someone today who estimates their productivity is actually almost down by half. Part of that is that in addition to getting ready for the office in the morning, she has an hour long commute each way, plus all of the things that being physically in an office entails eating into her productivity.

It was a rather eye opening conversation actually.

But that is not the point. The point is that things seem to be settling down a bit for me and soon normality will resume. Actually it is sort of resuming now.

So woo hoo for me.

Today I did manage to go on one walk. The air felt thick enough to take a might of, but it wasn’t overly warm. There is the terrible sense of waiting though. The clouds are heavy and low, the air wet enough to wring and yet no rain. Or at least no rain yet. A minute or two ago I heard the rumblings of thunder so perhaps rain is imminent. I suspect there will be no possibility of a late afternoon walk.

I’ll manage to struggle along with out it.

Yesterday, I managed to get to the gym in the late afternoon and for future reference, that was a mistake. It was packed. I much prefer my off hours morning visits and will happily return to my normal schedule. It didn’t help that there were a lot of people who weren’t exactly wiping down the machines after use so I had to wipe off the ones I used before and after working out. I have to say even before covid, it really annoyed me when people did that and now my annoyance is just shared by more people. There was a kind of angry vibe in the gym.

But at least I learned something about my own schedule.

Today’s Look:

Primer: HUDA Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre Makeup Base

Foundation: Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation

Powder/Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: PUR 4-in-1 face palette

Lips: Ofra in Pasadena

Mascara: Pretty Vulgar The Feathers Mascara

Eyeshadow: Too Faced Melted Chocolate in Amaretto Paired with The Too Faced Palm Springs Palette

I forgot how much of a grip the Huda Beauty Primer has. It fell to the bottom of the drawer and the fact that is hads dark packaging meant that it hid out in the shadows while other products were used. Sometimes it is a good thing to rummage down to the bottom of the drawers. The Huda Beauty Primer does a little blurring, but it’s main function is to lock makeup in, which it does very well.

The other face and lip products I chose because they work well and i didn’t really have to think about them. I was still spending most of my get ready time playing with the eyeshadows. The close up of the eye is one that didn’t make it into my earlier Too Faced Melted Chocolate Eye shadow review. I did take this look off and fix it, but I wanted to include this photo to show both how messy the liquid shadow is when using a finger to apply it versus a brush and because I applied the powder over the melted chocolate before the liquid was dried down so the brown over it looks quite patchy. I fixed it, but I thought you might like to see some of the mistakes.

Over all, the drama of the morning is over and this afternoon is relatively peaceful. Tonight I am planning on watching another episode of Tell Me a Story. It is a paramount plus original and I am hooked. I am trying to space out the watching of them rather than bingeing them because it is a new series and there aren’t that many episodes. It is so hard to be good though. I think I’m going to start alternating them with the new Why Women Kill which looks good. Has anyone seen that yet?

I don’t know how many of you have Paramount Plus or who are looking into it, but their prices are getting ready to change. I think they change on June 6th. If you sign up before then you can lock in your current deal. Just something to think about if it is something you were looking at. We’ve been rotating our streaming sites, getting rid of the ones we don’t watch and adding in new ones to try out. I’ve had Paramount plus about a month now and it seems like a keeper. Just a heads up on upcoming changes for those looking into it.

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