The Skincare Line up: June 4th, 2021


Good morning my darlings and welcome back to the weekly skincare line up. Here I look at all of the products currently in use and discuss a little bit about how I feel about them at the moment. Later of course there will be an in depth discussion of each product and their ingredients as well as their results. This is more of a progress report. An sadly, we had one item which wasn’t making progress and had to be removed. But I’ll get to that in turn. While pictured above are all of the players currently in circulation through the skin care line up, not all of them are used at the same time. So as always, I’ll break them out by use. First, it’s time for the daytime players.

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foam Cleanser

Toning Essence: Byroe Bitter Greens Toning Essence

Serum: Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

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Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Looking at the above list and comparing it with last week’s you may notice a few changes.  While many of the products have been in use for quite a while (the deodorant, the cleanser, the essence and the sunscreen) and are still performing as well as they did at the beginning of their place in the lineup.  There are a few newer items.  The Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum and the Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Revive Mask are each in their second week of use.  Thus far they are both performing well.  There is no clogging of the pores and my skin seems to really like them.  I generally find that with the Peach and Lily, if my skin isn’t completely dry then the serum has a slight tendency to get a little foamy when it touches the wet spots.  This is just something to watch and not really a problem.

I was however having problems with the moisturizer.  I was using the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir.  It was a very wet formula that took a really long time to dry on my skin no matter how little I used.  T was also highly fragranced which wasn’t my favorite thing.  My plan was to only use the Farsali at night when I had more time for my skin care and could let it absorb.  So I took the First Aid Beauty moisturizer out in order to use it during the day.  The First Aid Beauty moisturizer ended up being really nice.  It absorbs quickly with no greasy film and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.  For me, when my skin is becoming oilier in the summer months, this is the perfect time for the oil control moisturizer.  I feared it might be drying on my skin, but this far that hasn’t been an issue.  As I continue with it, I will be monitoring it.

The issue was that with the excellent performance of the First Aid Beauty, it really made the Farsali feel so much worse on my skin.  It felt wet and sticky and as the week progressed I just stopped using it and ‘accidentally’ started reaching for the FAB moisturizer at night instead.  Since it is open and I don’t feel comfortable passing it on right now, I am going to use it up on my drier skin like elbows and knees so it won’t be wasted.  It is just too wet a formula for my skin.  I didn’t use it long enough to actually see if it produced any sort of results.  It may end up being a fabulous cream for those of you with really dry skin.  However for me, it just doesn’t suit my skin type and forcing myself to use it is just going to lead to trouble.

The other new addition to the lineup came from Influenster.  It is the Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum.  It has a light scent to it that just pings on my nose as a ‘skincare scent’ but the scent fades fast.  It is like a light skin care floral.  Thus far I am really loving it.  The serum is meant to be worn under eye cream and I have been wearing it under the Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye mask. There were a couple of days where I skipped the Elemis to really get a feel for how the Dior worked on it’s own.  Separately it seems to work really well.  Paired with the Elemis which also works really well, the products are really fantastic.  I am very happy with the feel of them on my skin and can’t wait to see what difference thirty days with the product brings.  This is only the end of the first week though so stay tuned.

And so now we look to the night.

Night time Skincare

Makeup Remover: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foam Cleanser

Toner: Byroe Bitter Greens Toning Essence

Serum: Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum

Neck serum: Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple) – this week I didn’t use a lip scrub.

Night Mask: Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar Night Mask

Most of the changes that affect the night time routine have already been discussed as they are also part of the day time routine.  The First Aid Beauty replaced Farsali.  The Dior Eye Serum was added. In addition since I finished out the Akar Toner last week, I started using the Byroe Toning Essence in both my morning and evening routines.

I also finished out the Yensa CBD Cleansing oil last week so this week I rotated in the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. I use the original one but they have several different types. I have used it before and it is one of my favorite cleansing balms. It is a travel size that I have had in my travel kit for a while now so I wanted to actually use it up. It is a fantastic product so it is no hardship to use it, but I was worried about it getting old. So it was sifted out of my travel bag for use now.  I’d rather just purchase new travel products closer to the time o my next travel rather than have it go bad waiting for me to travel.  Currently my next planned travel is for Thanksgiving, so there is time.  But I really do like the formula of this Cleansing Balm.  I have purchased it many times in the past and no matter what other product I end up using, this is one that I always end up coming back to.

But not all products are used everyday, so…

In other Skincare…

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

Herbivore Prism AHA + BHA Glow Facial

Go-to Skin Care Face Hero Facial Oil

Last week I finished the Earth Harbor Marina oil so I started using this travel size of the Go-to Skincare Face Hero Face oil.  It too was taken from my travel bag and rolled into use so that it wouldn’t spoil waiting for my next travel.  I initially rolled it in to use after the Sunday evening Masking with the Herbivore Prism Glow Facial but once the Marina Oil was used up I started using it after my Tuesday/Thursday Retinol with the Versed Press Restart.  I personally like this oil it is one of my favorite basic sort of oils.  It doesn’t promise anything fancy, it just provides extra moisture lock down after treatments like exfoliation (whether chemical or physical).  I’ve never had any reactions to ut and it works well with all exfoliates that I’ve tried. 

The Versed Press Restart is gentle enough that it hasn’t caused any sun sensitivity thus far and The Prism Glow Facial from Herbivore is a nice Sunday evening addition to my skin care line up.  It makes my skin soft.  But at the moment I haven’t noticed any other changes.  I’m going to continue using it and after a month of uses see how the photos compare to the initial ones I took.  At the moment I am happy with the softness of the skin, but I don’t really see much in terms of glow.  Perhaps though, time will help.

And that my darlings is the skincare line up for this week.  I adjusted a few products and their usage and I got rid of a moisturizer that simply didn’t suit my skin. 


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