Weekly Weight: Measurements Week 4 of 6

Measurements: Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

I have to say even though there was no change in the measurements this week, I am not sad. In fact I am somewhat relieved. Memorial Day weekend the diet went out the window. Scratch that. Common sense and restraint went out the window.

Time was spent with friends and it was just such a relief to spend time socializing with people that no real thought went into consumption. I mindlessly grazed and paid absolutely no attention to portion size.ything tasted good but I paid no attention to calorie counting. This week, the meal plan is back in place and the calories are pre counted based on meals. I will be paying attention.

This is one of those weeks where I am relieved to not get on the scale, but not getting on the scale also ,makes me a bit nervous. After a week of indulgences, I am certain my weight went up, even if my measurements stayed the same. This is one of those times where even though i would dread getting on the scale and might yell at myself afterwards, the scale is also helpful in getting me back on track. It lets me know in hard to ignore numbers what my indulgences did to my weight loss plan.

In case you hadn’t noticed, like a lot of people I have a complicated love hate relationship with my scale. It helps me but it also makes me a bit crazy some times. I try not to dwell or become obsessive, but at times it is hard to find the right balance. Because I sent the scale away for the six weeks of measurements, I can’t sneak a peek. Which is both good and bad. It is a relief and quite frustrating all at the same time. It is a relationship I am constantly working on. Well my thoughts on how I feel about the scale and why are things I work on. The scale is an inanimate object with a heavy mental representation.

Its a work in progress.

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

So even though I can’t see what the weight is, the measurements stayed the same. In it’s own way that is a relief. And rather than argue with the tape measure, I am just going to accept this week’s numbers, make my meal plan and try to focus on my diet and exercise in the upcoming week. After all in the end, all we can do is move forward.

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