Using the Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary leaf Body Cream

I have to admit, I was quite surprised by this body lotion from Grown Alchemist.  A while back I received a night cream from the brand in a subscription box.  As I am always on the lookout for a good night cream I tried. It.  While it worked very well, it was so highly floral that I made it halfway through the tube and then set it aside to use something else.  I will return to the night cream some point soon so that it doesn’t spoil and can be used in a timely fashion but I needed a break from the scent.  I think it may be a product I roll in and out of my skin care line up just to use up because that floral was just so intense I couldn’t take it on a nightly basis.

I expected the body cream to actually be more intense.

Oddly enough it isn’t. 

The Grown Alchemist Body Cream is in the scent mandarin and rosemary leaf.  I saw the rosemary on the list and thought it would dominate and the cream would smell medicinal.  It doesn’t.  The mandarin and rosemary balance really well.  The rosemary keeps the mandarin from being too sweet and the mandarin keeps the rosemary from being too medicinal.  In addition, while it does have a noticeable scent when first applied, it fades back fairly quickly.  If you lift a hand to your nose, you can still smell it, but otherwise it fades away to nothing. 

The softness remains.  The cream absorbs quickly and not a lot of cream is needed to hydrate the skin.  It isn’t greasy and keeps the skin hydrated for quite a while. 

I actually really like that it is a body cream that isn’t too sweet.  Many of my body lotions smell like candy as they have vanilla in the mix.  While I don’t mind this, it is nice to have a bit of a change.  The rosemary gives it a slightly earthy note and combines with the orange to feel and smell really fresh. While I wasn’t terribly enthused by this cream to begin with, I have to say it has won me over.  I am far more impressed with this than I was with the overly floral night cream. I am very glad I tried it and I would definitely consider adding this to the list of body lotions I would repurchase once it runs out.

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