Weekly Weight: Measurements Week 5 of 6

Week 5: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Yeah this week was a little hit and miss with exercises.  I made it to the gym on Monday, but then everything more or less fell apart. With good news from Mom, the stress has eased, but I’ll be honest, I missed more workouts than I made and I ate more comfort food than healthy meals.

It was not my best week. 

However, my measurements stayed the same.  I am not really sure how that happened. But then again I am not really sure how fast inches are lost or gained.  I actually tried looking it up but there really isn’t a reliable ‘how many pounds equals one inch’ because bodies are so different. 

There is a part of me that likes the fact that even in weight ain/los we are each individual snowflakes.

Its also super frustrating when i want concrete answers, but it is nice too.

I will say I felt a little blah without the exercises though.  I think that if I were to go and do a workout I would feel better.  I don’t really enjoy the workouts.  In fact while I am doing them, I kind of hate them.  I suspect that those who design weigh machines really want to design torture devices and are saddened by the fall of the Spanish Inquisition.

And there are so many more things I would rather spend my time doing. 

It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.

However, after the workout once I’ve cleaned up and showered and no longer feel gross, I feel energized.  Which I suppose means they are working.  Or at least getting my blood flowing. Which I’m sure is good for me. So I suppose when I am stressed I should in theory work out more instead of making a large bowl of rice pudding.

The rice pudding, while delicious, didn’t really make me feel energized.  Kind of the opposite in fact.

So for now I’m letting go of the stress and the rice pudding and getting back to my exercises.  At least, I didn’t gain any inches this week.  That has to count for something right? And truthfully while I’m happy with not gaining any inches, the big win of the week is that my mother’s CT scan revealed no hidden evils and that the one issue can be dealt with and she can be soon on the mend again. 

Regardless of weights and measurements, that makes this a good week. 

Starting Measurements: Bust: 49.5“ Waist: 47“ Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 5: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

So here we are holding steady at the end of week five. Next week will be the last week of just measurements and then the scale will return. I have mixed feelings, but then I always have mixed feelings about the scale. Part of me really wants to see if I did gain the weight I think i gained and part of me never wants to look at the scale again and just concentrate on getting as healthy as possible, monitoring the inches and how I feel inside my skin. I know it sounds wishy washy but I both love and hate the scale. And probably always will. There is the possibility I may bring the scale back to satisfy my curiosity and then kick it out again for a little while. I haven’t decided. Part of me really just wants to concentrate on how i feel but I do so love a good solid number to look at. we’ll see how it shakes out. Regardless of the ultimate decision, there is one more week of measurements and then the scale will return. How long it stays is up for debate, but it will return.

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