The June Nadine West Clothing subscription

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service. For $9.78 per month you can have items sent to you and if you like them you can purchase them simply by keeping them and letting your credit card be charged. Your styling fee of $9. 78 goes towards the purchase price. Each item you are charged for will have a tax added to it so you need to remember that when keeping items.

This is my third month and this month I realized two things.

The first thing I realized was that my babydoll is many things, a photographer he is not. When asked to take a photograph of me wearing the items from the bag he was amiable. He then took the pictures. I assumed that he could at least take pictures showing me wearing the garments and did not think to look at them. I did photograph each one separately as it was laid out on the bed. Which turned out to be a good thing. My babydoll had me stand in front of a brightly lit window so you basically see a dark silhouette of me. You can tell that I am not naked, but but other than knowing I am covered in cloth, there is no real detail. Only the image of the necklace I am wearing came out visible and I think that is because he came in close to take the picture.

The second thing I realized was about nadine West. This month they did manage to send me items that all actually fit me, which was nice. However almost all of the items were made from the same sort of soft, cotton jersey type cloth that I tend to associate with pajama pants. It is fine for a few summer dresses’, but an entire wardrobe of it seems a bit excessive. I don’t know if that is just my size that lets them believe all my clothes need to feel soft and pajama like, but I’m not really a fan.

But let’s look at the items that came this month and discuss. There were ten of them this month. The first item is the only item I am keeping. It is a cotton dress in teal and is good for wearing around the house and in the garden. The high waist comes in just under the bust and give is some form so that it isn’t a complete sack like dress.It is comfortable and I can wear it in the garden. It feels like a giant t-shirt when it is on. And to be fair, I probably wouldn’t purchase it if I didn’t have the subscription fee rolling towards it.

The second item is made from the same cloth and it is a one piece jumpsuit in olive green with tank top straps. Putting it on made me look like a beached whale.Or as my baby so thoughtfully put it, twice the size I am normally.

The third item up was a t-shirt made form the soft t-shirt material. It is a nude color that really doesn’t look good on me and while the knot in the end is cute, it falls at the wrong location. While I could get away with the placement standing up, it is very awkward when sitting down.

There were two sets of pants in this box and I am happy to say they both fit tolerably well. However they were bag waist pants. with long flat drawstrings tied into a bow at the waist.

While they fit, the design added several inches to my waist and were not flattering. They were at least slightly stiffer material and not the t-shirt material.

Included this month was a light weight cardigan made from, you guessed it, t-shirt material. This at least had a texture to it. While I do like light weight cardigans to pull over myself when the air conditioning is turned too high, I have several more appealing versions of this already in my closet. So while I appreciate the thought, it too is going back.

The next item in the bag was a face mask, which quite frankly I already have in abundance at this point and see no reason to pick up here.

From here we go into the three items of jewelry sent. I tried asking them not to send jewelry, but received the message that they were unable to send clothing subscriptions without jewelry at this time. The earrings have a very lovely tree on them and they are rather nice quality.

I just didn’t really like them enough to keep. The bracelet is a plain golden band that reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’ However the opening was so small that I would have had to bend it to get it on my wrist. It has a heavy feel to it so it is a substantial bracelet.

The final item was the necklace and to be honest I toyed with the thought of keeping it. It looks nice, feels like decent quality for the price and looked allright on me. However i don’t think i would get enough wear out of it to justify the purchase.

Like I said in the introduction, this was my third month with Nadine West. I chose them because they have my size as an option for their subscription. However I am not impressed by the items they send in my size.

I am thrilled that they finally sent items that fit me. But I simply will not wear that many items made out of t-shirt material. And quite frankly i just don’t find their items appealing.

I think that this may be my last subscription bag from them for a while. Perhaps I will go back when/if I reach a smaller size, but what they send to me makes me feel both fat and frumpy. Neither is a good feeling and neither is one I really feel like paying for.


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