The Daily: June 17th, 2021

Oh my darlings has it been a couple of days. I know I unexpectedly when MIA for a bit. Sorry about that. Yesterday I came home from the gym and decided that I would have an apple as my snack. I like to have a little something after I drive home from the gym. Lately it has been the Orange Cranberry Energy cubes from E3 because I can have just one of the cubes at a time and save the others for later. I found it is a great way to just get a little boost of energy without having something large and overly filling.

However, yesterday I thought the apples we had looked really good so I took one. I bit into it and it wasn’t nearly as ripe as i thought it was. And I heard a loud snap and felt a flash of pain. The apple snapped off my crown and actually snapped off the tooth underneath.

So yesterday involved an emergency dental visit. I came out with a recommendation for an oral surgeon and since they had a cancellation I have a consult with the surgeon later this afternoon.So that is where I disappeared to and where I am heading.

Which has taught me never to say the words ‘Back on schedule’ again. Because clearly, that is not how it works. For now on I’m just going to keep chugging on forward and keep any schedule related comments locked inside my brain. Clearly the universe can not be trusted.

Although I’m sure at some point I’ll forget and tempt fate again with my out loud voice.

You might notice that today there is no look and accompanying photos. I learned a long time ago not to wear makeup to the dentist. From mascara smears near watering eyes or lipstick smudges from gloved hands, it never ends well. My lips always dry out something fierce though at the dentist so I am putting my Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask in my purse. As soon as the dentist is finished, I will be adding a layer to combat dental office dry lips.

But for now I am off to consult with the surgeon.

Wish me luck.

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