Skincare Tools: Silicone Exfoliating Pad

I’ll be honest, when this came in one of my subscription boxes, I thought, I’ll never use that.  I have seen these small silicone exfoliating pads around for years, but never actually picked one up.   I know that sounds strange considering how much I enjoy a good exfoliation.

It just seemed like something I would never use. An extra tool to clutter up my small bathroom sink area.

But I decided since it was here, I might as well give it a try.

This particular Silicone Exfoliating pad comes from the Vintage Company.  It is soft pink silicone and has a suction cup on the back so that you can attach it to a tile or the mirror or what not in your bathroom/ shower and not lose it. It is also the perfect handle by which to hold it. It slides easily between two fingers and is quite maneuverable around the face.

The suction cup is quite handy actually and not only keeps it in reach but helps it to dry out quickly without liquid hiding in the depths of the silicone bristles.

The bristles are soft and the exfoliation is very light.  I have to say I was quite impressed with the way this pad worked.  I use it with my normal cleanser.  I tried the recommended way of use first.  The card included with the tool says to wet the pad and put a little product on the pad.  Then gently cleanse in a circular motion.  This worked well but, I’ll be honest, I much preferred to put the cleanser on my face as normal and then use the tool in circular motions before rinsing off.  I found that if I applied the product to the pad and then to the face it sometimes would be too w and drip off and I’d lose some of my cleanser.  So I found it easier just to put the cleanser on my face before reaching for the tool.

It is a very light exfoliation which at this time I really appreciate.  I really didn’t want anything harsh and this worked well.  I have been using chemical exfoliates but there is a part of me that always likes a good physical exfoliation. This came me the feeling of a physical exfoliation (because it was physical) but it wasn’t harsh and I never had any sort of damage.  I found this especially useful when I use it post clearing mask. 

One of my favorite clearing masks is the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clay Clearing mask (and not just because it smells of cocoa).  This mask tends to draw out all of the buried clogged pores and essentially help everything work to the surface.  When I used the mask and then later used this exfoliating tool with my cleanser I found that it had just enough exfoliation to help but not enough to cause damage. 

I was skeptical when it first arrived thinking it was a tool I would never use.  It has now become part of my daily routine. It is a simple and cost effective skincare tool that really is nice to have around.


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