The Daily: June 22nd, 2021

Have you ever had a day where you just sort of fell into your work and everything else just sort of faded away? Well that was me today. I looked at my to do list and just thought, I got this. And then I started checking off items left, right and center.

It was kind of awesome.

Especially since i didn’t think I would be all that productive today. It has been pouring off and on all day. One one dry spell I ran to get the trash can which had been knocked over by the wind. There was currently no trash in it, however it was full of water. I emptied it and set it up right only to have the skies open up and soak me before I could get back to the door. That seems to be what happens every time I have left the house today. I’ll go out when it’s dry and when I am as far from the door as I plan to get, the rain returns.

I’m sure it’s not personal, but a part of me thinks there is a very smirky cloud in the sky, just waiting.

I’ve actually had three separate sets of clothing on today.

But I have managed to complete a lot of my to do tasks. which is nice.I actuallyfeel pretty good about my work load at the moment. I’ve been trying toget ahead of a few things and clear off a major project from my desk before Friday’s surgery so that there is nothing to worry about. And so that I don’t obsess about the surgery.

Mostly it is working.

And I am getting boatloads done.

Other than running short distances from the house and back as things come up, I haven’t done much in the way of exercise today. It has been pretty much a sedntary afternoon.

I also don’t have a makeup look to offer today as I never got around to it. But a day of bare faced skin breathing time isn’t bad. I wasn’t really going anywhere today so it is nice for my skin to get a chance to breathe a bit.

Oh and for those looking there are several Prime Day Deals out there. One of my favorite is from The Underclub. I get there monthly subscription and love their size inclusive ethos and the quality of their products. Their current Prime Day Deal is the Jackpot Pack of 7 pairs for $77. Which is a very good deal on some really nice undergarments, if your are in the market.

Urban Decay has a Friends and Family sale going on with 30% off using the Code: FF30. I have to admit I am tempted by the new Prince Palette but I kind of still want the Honey Palette. I was actually thinking of getting the Honey palette as a birthday present for myself this year. Usually I pick up elements for a home spa for my birthday, but I might actually go for the palette instead.

And Lime Crime also has a sale going on. It is a site wide sale that lasts through 6/27/21. Customers who are already email subscribers or who join the Lime Crime newsletter will unlock 30% off sitewide savings. If you don’t want to go in for the newsletters then you can still save 20% with the code ‘POPPED20’ I’ll put the Link below for those interested. Currently I am absolutely loving the Prelude Exposed Palette. It tends to be the one I reach for whenever I have not planned to specifically use another palette.

Shop Lime Crime

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