The Daily: June 23rd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I do not know where you are, but here, the weather is absolutely divine. It is cool enough that you don’t melt into a pool of sweat just crossing the yard. Yet warm enough that you aren’t thrown into a sudden panic about changing weather patterns. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing just enough to bring a nice breeze.

The biggest danger is of course the sun. It is nice enough that you don’t automatically reach for the sunscreen and comfortable enough that you end up spending more time outside than you planned. But fear not, I add my Volition sunscreen now as part of my morning skincare routine and remembered to spray down every remaining scrap of skin showing with my Neutrogena Beach Defense. I like the Neutrogena because it has a really fine spray so there aren’t glops of spray that hit the skin, but I can’t use it on my face. Sweat causes it to drip into my eyes and it really stings when it gets into the eyes. Hence the two pronged sunscreen application. Actually the current Volition bottle is now empty, but i always have a back up so I have already replaced the empty with a new bottle. And now that the back up is in place, I will order a replacement to have waiting in the wings. Especially at this time of year.

So I got my walk in and then some actually. I didn’t actually make it to the gym though,. I ended up taking advantage of the weather and airing out the house and getting some chores done. usually i do my inside chores on the weekend, but I know I;m not going to be in a shape to do them this weekend. And seeing them undone will actually bother me so taking a little time to do them now actually helps me out later.

Plus there are so few days where the weather is perfect for airing out the house I had to take advantage and just let the fresh air blow through.

It also means I will be working a little later tonight to get some work done at the computer but I can live with that.

Today’s Look:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wed-pic.jpg

Primer: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

Foundation Real Her I am Divine Powerwear Probiotic foundation

Blush/Bronze/Highlight: Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

Powder: Fenty Beauty in Cashew

Eyeshadow Palette: Viseart Petit Pro Deux

Lips Elf in Red Vixen

Setting Spray: Pore Professional Super Setter

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wed-eye-pic.jpg

Today was very interesting makeup wise as many of the items are still really new to me, with a few favorites mixed in. I am still loving the Milk Makeup Primer for it’s gripping capabilities. It is a really nice product. Usually when I apply primer, I dab it on my face in little dots in the areas where I need the most coverage or pore filling and then massage it in. With The Milk Primer I ended up just rubbing my hands together and applying it more like moisturizer. I found I liked the coverage better that way. I don’t know that it actually makes much of a difference either way, but the second way did save a little time.

The Real Her Foundation is new and just came in IPSY. This was my first time using it. It is more of my winter shade than my summer one, which is why I chose the Cashew powder from Fenty Beauty to use with it. It hs a tint to it and helped darken the foundation. I ound with this foundation less is really more. If applied lightly it worked well as a light to light/medium coverage. I haven’t tried building it up to see how it performs with more product added, but I will certainly give that a try just to see how it works. I am liking the small amout used for light coverage though. Thus far it is performing well.

I used the Real Her Trio for my face as I thought it might pair well with the foundation, and as I have used it for a while, I know how it works. As always it worked beautifully.

The Fenty Beauty Powder does end up looking a little powdery, which is why I used the setting spray today. The Porefessional has a very fine mist of a setting spray and even if you aren’t a huge setting spray fan, it is a great way to get a powdery looking powder to not look as powdery. Spray the setting spray and then press down with your makeup sponge. I Use the Huda Beauty Basic B sponge because it has one flat side and lets me get into the corners so that i don’t have one strange powdery spot. I’m sure others have that design, but I really like makeup sponges with that one flat side, which Huda Beauty happens to have.

This was my first use of the Viseart Petit Pro Deux Palette as well. I’ve tried the Viseart mattes before and loved them. The matte I picked for today performed just as good as the others I’ve used. The shimmers were okay with a dry brush but worked better with a prsh that had been misted with setting spray. I only used one matte and one shimmer today and I will rotate through the palette as well as work on layering the shadows to see how they perform before deciding how I feel, bit at the moment I rather like this palette. The shimmer stayed where i put it through out the day, which is always a good sign.

Finally I used the Elf liquid lip in Red Vixen. this is one of my favorite reds. It is the exact shade that I wanted. not to pink, not to orange, just the red I wanted. which is really hard to find. The formula is really nice. Once it dries down it doesn’t move. And while it does fae throughout the day, it is still there to be taken off as the day ends. The formula is really comfortable to wear and in general I tend to forget it is on my lips. I really need to look into more shades in this formula actually. And as they are each on;y $6 it is hard to go wrong. If only I could find a lip liner that worked well with this shade I would be a really happy camper. I do okay lining my lips with the tip of the applicator wand, but with a shade like this I really want the crispness of an actual lip liner. I was actually looking through my lip liners the other day and almost all of them are in some shade of pinky mauve. They all suit my neutral lipsticks but not my brighter ones. Which is kind of amusing since I rally want the lip liners with the prighter lipsticks and forget to wear them with the neutral tones.

So that was today’s look. I know tomorrow is Thursday, but because I will not be posting on Friday I will be putting my Skin Care Line up as tomorrow’s post. It is only a temporary shuffle and next week will be back to normal. I’m just not going to be good for anything on Friday. I think we all know this. So I’m just going to plan accordingly. As for today, it is time for me to get back to work. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

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