Trying out the Bloom and Blossom Wonder Worker Multi-tasking balm

I have a love hate relationship with multi-tasking products.  When they work well I tend to fall in love with them. Take the Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 Spray.  Reading the label for the first time I laughed and I though, no way.  But it does all ten of the things it lists and does it well.  Which is why I will always have a spray bottle of it on my dressing table regardless of whatever product I am testing out.

Bloom and Blossom’s Wonder Worker Multi-tasking Balm doesn’t quite have the same lengthy claims as The man Club, however it is supposed to be used on pretty much every inch of skin.  It it works I could, in theory eliminate a lot of extra products.   According to the website…

on hand

Apply with clean fingers to skin that needs extra attention.

Short on time?

This is your ultimate dry skin on-the-go companion.
A little goes a long way so you can rub a small amount into any area of dry skin and continue with your day, letting Wonder Worker do the hard grafting.

Speaking of hard grafting, this little tube is the queen of quick fixes. Cuticle cream, overnight balm, foot balm, burns, cuts, scrapes and grazes, lip balm, hand cream, the list goes on.

One thing we love to use this for is a moment of self-care. For a mindful evening in just one minute, simply rub a small amount into your temples to ease your mind and breathe in the aromatherapeutic lavender.

Time to spare…

not sinking in

Our absolute favourite self-care ritual with Wonder Worker is using it as a hand mask. It’s so easy. Just apply liberally all over your hands and slip on some cotton gloves (or glove-free if you don’t have any). Wait 15 minutes or so, practising some breathing exercises (remember our lavender fragrance) while you wait, or do it in front of the latest TV drama – your choice. You’ll be left with silky-soft hands either way. 

First, let’s talk scent.  It is very lavender scented.  In fact it is so pungently lavender that is smells rather medicinal rather than floral.  I know not everyone thinks that super intense lavender comes across as medicinal, but for me it has always fallen into the same category as rosemary.  A little is nice, a lot is medicinal.

This has a lot.

But I am okay with a highly scented hand cream.  Plus, this is a cream that can be used all over the body.  If I tried it on my hands and couldn’t take the scent I could always relegate it to use on my feet thus keeping it as far from my nose as possible.

So I tried it. 

The formula is rather greasy feeling.  I am guessing this is from the lanolin used in the formula as Lanolin can have that feel to it.  I enjoy Dr. Lipp’s balm and that too has lanolin in it.  However, this was a thinner consistency and didn’t absorb well.  I applied it to my skin and then left greasy prints on anything I touched. 

I decided that perhaps my hands weren’t dry enough for the cream to really absorb so I tried it on a few drier spots of skin.  Again it didn’t really absorb well.  It stayed on the skin and made me feel greasy.  Worse, when I finally wiped it off, my skin was still kind of dry. On the website it seems to get a lot of rave reviews, but personally, this isn’t for me. The Bloom and Blossom Wonder Worker Multi-Tasker  was a complete fail for me.  And it will not be repurchased in any size.

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