Snack Time: Chomps Italian Style Beef Mini Sticks

All hail solid foods!

Last week I had dental surgery and so have been more or less living off of soups and smoothies for most of this week.  The Smoothies from Smoothie Box and the Yes Well Campbell’s Sipping soups have been kind of my standard and my saving grace this week.  However, returning to solid foods means a return to my normal meal planning.

And one of the things that has helped me enormously in planning my caloric intake has been establishing an afternoon snack.  Most of my physical exercise, whether it is at the gym or  hitting the walking trail is in the morning.  For the gym I go in the mornings after the early risers have cleared out so that I can take advantage of the lull and if I am going on the walking trail I am going early enough that I can try to beat the worst of the sun.

This means that while I start my exercise fortified with breakfast and replenish at lunch time, around two in the afternoon, I start to get a little peckish. Because of my babydolls work schedule dinner isn’t until 6:30 or 7 at night so I need a little something to tide me over so that I don’t over eat at dinner time.

For those interested, I started out telling myself that I could just get a small snack mid afternoon to tide me over, but I found if i didn’t specifically earmark something then I would over indulge in my snack. which sort of defeat the purpose.

Chomps very kindly sent me a box of various products to try out and review and I have to say the bags of Chomplings are perfect for my snacking plan. There are six mini sticks in the bag and each stick has 4 grams of protein, zero sugar and 40 grams of fat. Last week I worked through part of the Original Beef Mini Sticks and this week I went with the Chomplings Italian Style beef. They are labeled mild, so for those of you who don’t like a lot of spice, this might be the Snack for you.

The Mini stick is, for me just the right size. The meat is good quality beef. It is grass fed and finished, had a vegetarian diet, was raised free range and contains no added hormones, so I feel good eating it and the taste of the beef is really good as well. I know a lot of people have given up meat, for many different reasons obviously, but I have several friends who did so because they disliked the system.

I do clearly eat meat, although I limit my intake. Because I want to eat consciously and because I limit my beef intake I tend to focus on only the good stuff I can feel good about eating. And I feel good about eating this.

The taste of the beef is good and the italian spices are definitely present, but mild, as the label says. You can taste the oregano and a bit of red pepper as well as the other spices. Again they are mild. One thing I was worried about with the mild label was that the spices would be overpowered by salt. Happily that is not the case and you can taste the flavors instead of just having salty beef.

The outside of the stick has the snap that you want in a beef stick and the inside has a soft interior. At the moment, a soft interior is a good thing. I am back to solid foods, but I want to avoid sharp edges for a bit. Some beef sticks can be hard as well as dry. This has the right amount of moisture. It is lean, but not dry and certainly not greasy.

While I like the flavor, I think I would like to see if they have a non-mild version. I like my Italian spices to have a bit more of a red pepper kick to them. Although I have to point out that i will happily eat the mild as well. Now that i am back to eating more or less normally, snack time has returned and this bag of Chomps Chomplings Italian Style mini Beef Sticks is a delicious treat i am happy to see on my snacktime list.


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