Weekly Weight: 222 Lbs

The Scale, July 2nd, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome back to the weekly weigh in. This was an interesting week for me. Nothing was really normal. Last Friday I had Dental surgery so this week was mostly spent in recovery. Instead of cooking I went with a lot of Smoothies and yogurt. The Smoothie Box was actually my saving graze. I picked up a variety pack and used them as meal replacements for a lot of meals. They were quick, easy, tasty, and premeasured so I knew the calorie count.

To be honest this week, at least in the early part of the week I had to actually force myself to eat even when i didn’t want to so that I could get the calories I actually needed in. It was one of the few times in my life where I actually had to talk myself into eating. One of my weight issues is that I really like food and needed to reign in my portion sizes. Having to convince myself to eat was a new experience.

While I did manage a few walks and a killer bike ride this week, I suspect that the sore mouth had a lot to do with this week’s weight loss. There were several days I struggled to meet my bare minimum in calories. Which is clearly not sustainable. Now that I am back to eating solid food with no pain, I expect that there might be a little bit of jump in weight. At least in the next couple of days. I am deliberately not getting on the scale until next Friday though. I think there will be an immediate jump (even if it is a small one) and then it will go back down as I get back into my regular exercise next week.

Because next week it is back to the gym and my normal plan. If I don’t see that little jump I expect is coming, then I can just think of this as the jumping off place and work hard to keep my weight loss momentum going. While this sort of thing will always be in the back of my mind, at the moment i am just glad the surgery is over and I don’t have to worry about it. The scale may only show a slight drop, but the lack of worry shed at least fifty pounds from my shoulders. And I can feel that loss in several areas of my life, even if it doesn’t show on the scale.

It doesn’t help that I have a deep irrational fear of the dentist and anything tooth related. while this was an oral surgeon and not my dentist, they both freak me out.

But that is another tale more suitable for a therapist’s couch. So shall we look at the stats:

Starting wright: 246.0 Lbs

Last week’s Weight: 225.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 222 Lbs

Weight lost this week: 3 lbs

Total weight lost thus far: 24 lbs

And so Friday begins. I feel good, better than good actually. The pain is gone and with it went all the multiple layers of stress. long with three pounds. Not a bad way to wind down the week actually.

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