Let’s talk Summer Nails

I will be the first to admit that I am not a light and bright pastel sort of nail person. There is a brief window of time where pastels are my friends. I will break out the lavender, the pink and the pale pale blue and I will wear them with glee.

just Slate-r Girl

Generally it is around the time when the Easter Bunny comes hop hop hopping along the bunny trail. The the spring sunshine turns to summer heat. And my interest in pastells fades.

with Let’s get Digital top

while I go for hot reds and burgundies, lately I have been loving this Slate-r Girl by Sally Hansen. I have also been really liking the formula of the Miracle Gel polish. I do a lot of work in the garden and my nails take a beating. I typically only wear clear polish when I know I am going to do yard work as the polish gives my nails a protective layer and helps prevent them from breaking as quickly.

The Miracle gel formula of these nail polishes has proven to be quite durable as I work outside, so I have been able to indulge in nail polish more this summer. The polish is thicker (and gel like) and sturdier. If that makes sense. It chips less and my nails have been breaking less as well.

And I even found a way to make the multitude of darker polishes look a little more summery. Earlier this year I found one of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes called Let’s get Digital. It gives a blue-ish iridescent sheen to the polish. While I still really like the slate-r Girl Gray, there are occasions where a more summery feel is called for. I think the Let’s et Digital provides the perfect addition. It also works well with a lot of my polishes. It has shades of both blue and pink and I’ve found it generally works well with any polish with those tones. It is a simple way to summerize your nails while keeping your favorite polish. Summery or not, I am thrilled that the formula of this gel polish lasts so long and keeps my nails from taking the damage that summer usually brings. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish is joining Nails Inc and OPI in my top categories of nail polish. In fact, it may just have made it to the top of the list for it’s durability and color.

Looking to expand your nail polish collection? Try Sally Beauty.

$6 Nail Polishes (Sally Hansen, OPI, Morgan Taylor and Fingerpaints)

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