Using the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha

For those that have been following my Weekly Skincare line up posts, you have seen this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha in the list of products used for the past month. In addition, it has made frequent appearances in the daily posts, especially when I have spent a little too much time outside.

While this bottle was sent to me by Missha for the purpose of trying it out and reviewing it, by thoughts are my own and quite frankly it has become one of my hero products for the summer.

According to the website this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence is…

A lightweight essence featuring double-fermented artemisia extract, also known as mugwort extract, to efficiently deliver moisturizing and soothing properties to the skin.
Moisturizing, hydrating, brightening, soothing, and balancing.

Recommended for sensitive/irritated/acne-prone skin types.

How to Use: In the first step of your skincare routine, dampen your cotton pad with essence. Lightly wipe the cotton pad along your skin texture or pour a generous amount onto your palms and gently pat into the skin.

Tip: when your skin is feeling extra sensitive, dampen a couple of cotton pads with essence and place them all over your face for 5-10 minutes as a soothing pack

Ingredients: Water, Dipropylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propanediol, Artemisia Annua Extract

Okay before we talk about the use and my skin, let’s look at the ingredients. There aren’t that many. First up is water, which isn’t surprising in a skincare ingredient.

According to The Derm Review, Dipropylene glycol is a type of alcohol that is used in cosmetics and skincare products to improve the texture and stability of the formulation. It is mainly used as a solvent, viscosity-decreasing agent, masking agent, and fragrance ingredient. And pretty much every other source I’ve looked into said the same (The Derm Stor just had a very readable article on it if you’d like to read it, which is why I linked it.)

One shake dispenses a small amount of product

1,2-Hexanediol is a preservative that basically keeps the essence from spoiling before you can actually use it. And Propanediol increases humectancy and improves effectiveness of the actual essence. Which is a long way of saying it helps your skin absorb more of the Artemisia Annua Extract.

And Artemisia Annua Extract is the final ingredient in the mix. The few things joining it in the bottle are mostly to keep it from spoiling, absorb better into your skin and in the case of water, help it hydrate better.

But what is Artemisia Annua Extract?

Well it’s less fancy name is Mugwort. And while interesting in a Harry Potter type scenario, I’m pretty sure putting Mugwort essence on a product is probably not a good marketing tool. Prior to this I had used Artemisia before. It is a very big ingredient in several products from FaceTory. They have masks, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers all featuring it. I’ve used the masks before and liked them. Actually after a very bad sunburn I used the pask on my face and it soothed the skin right down. And when I was little it was one of the home remedies my grandmother used. She put mugwort in a jar with rubbing alcohol and used to put it on rashes and mosquito bites to calm the skin down. She’d also rinse off poison ivy spots with it to take away the poison ivy oils as well as calm the skin.

Once I realized Mugwort and Artemisia were the same thing, I was even more enthused to try out this essence. (While my grandmothers. home remedy was good on rashes I don’t recommend applying it to your face in case you are doing any DIY of your own. That much rubbing alcohol on your skin isn’t a good thing.)

So what is Mugwort? Mugwort is a weed that is in the same basic family as tarragon and wormwood. Although i wouldn’t recommend putting it in a mushroom omelet or trying to make absinth out of as neither are it’s strong points. It is best used for its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in a lot of Korean Skincare because it is good for soothing sensitive skin.

Or so it claims.

In general skincare use, an essence is used to open the pores of the face up so that other skincare products could more easily be absorbed. In the past month I have used the Time Revolution by Missha I have noticed that my skincare absorbs more quickly and seems to have more of an impact when I use the Artemisia essence prior to application.

soaked cotton round (just product – pre use on skin)

However all applications are not the same.

In the morning, after cleansing my face, I shake the bottle once over my hand and dispense a small amount of product. I then smooth this over my face, wait for it to be absorbed and then continue on with my skincare regime. In the evenings, especially if I have spent a great deal of time outside, I tend to go heavier on the application and then leave the product to soak in for about ten minutes before returning for the rest of my skin care regime. I find that not only does it allow the essence to absorb completely and sooth any irritated skin, but it still helps my serums absorb better when I do return to the rest of my skin care.

Using the tip that was provided on the site, after an overly long bike ride with out a hat, I needed extra soothing for my skin. I soaked a couple of disposable cotton rounds with the essence, placed the soaked rounds on the high points of my face (cheeks, bridge of nose and chin) and lay down for about fifteen minutes as though it was a mask. As I have used Artemisia masks before I was unsurprised that the inflammation calmed down and my skin felt soothed and hydrated.

While I don’t recommend courting sun damage, when it is accidental and unavoidable, this Time Revolution Esse3nce has been invaluable in helping sooth the after effects of such incidents.

The product has no scent to it whatsoever, even though you sort of expect something named mugwort to have an unpleasant aroma (or at least I do.) It smells like nothing. There is a slight brownish tinge to it when dispensed onto white cotton, but it doesn’t leave any stains on the skin.

It also comes in a lovely glass bottle. The lid is a sturdy brown plastic but the rest of the bottle is amber colored glass that just looks lovely on the skin care shelf (as well as being recyclable glass). I know appearances shouldn’t matter, but I will always have a weakness for pretty glass. And I like the fact that glass can be infinitely recycled. So my superficial pretty has a point to it as well.

As an essence this Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence works well. As a treatment for irritated skin it works well. Not only is this essence going to remain a summer staple, but I may have to look into more products that include Artemisia as well as more products from Missha. Given this essence, this is a brand I want to see more from.

If you are interested in giving this essence a try, Missha currently has it on sale for 40% off. I think you also get an additional discount if you sign up for their newsletter(I believe it is 10%). At full price the Essence is $55 and currently the sale puts it at $33. In one month of use I have only managed to use a finger’s width of product from the bottle. At a guess, there are between ten and eleven finger’s widths worth of product left in the bottle. It has a 12 month time label on the back and I’m guessing it just might take me just under a year to go through the bottle. Which quite honestly, is a pretty good deal.

And in fact it is a deal spread out to the rest of the site as well since currently all of the products on the Missha site are 40% off. If you are looking to try out some Korean skincare, this might be the time to stock up. Personally I see several items I am very interested in trying out. I’ll like the site below for anyone who wants to check them out.

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