Snacktime: Chomps Original Turkey Mini Sticks

As I’ve mentioned before including an afternoon snack in my diet helps keep the munchies away as well as preventing me from overeating at dinner. Chomps very kindly sent a package to me containing a variety of their products to try out.

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous when I saw the Turkey sticks. Turkey sticks have, in the past not been my favorite. I ‘ve found that quite a lot of them are dry or mealy and can often have an unpleasant flavor. Turkey is one of those flavors I tend to be very picky about. I like a few turkey things, but the bulk, I just pass by. Still, I try not to dismiss anything out of hand. I will try just about anything once, even if I refuse to try it again. So I opened the bag of Chomps Chomplings Original Turkey mini Sticks and hoped for the best.

As with the other Chomplings bag, there are six mini sticks in the bag. Each stick contains thirty calories and five grams of protein, which really helps keep me going in the afternoon. I generally find protein is one of the things I crave in the afternoons. Even if it has a lower calorie count, the protein, for me makes a better snack.

As with all Chomps products there are no antibiotics and no added hormones. Only free range turkeys are used and they are fed a vegetarian diet. There are no preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites added and no artificial colors or flavors.

And while all that is good, it is the flavor that is going to keep me eating the sticks. So prepared to try the flavor, I opened one of the sticks and took a bite. It tasted like turkey.

I know, not really a shocking surprise.

But it was very good turkey. It was neither greasy nor dry, had a good turkey flavor and an excellent texture. There are some products I have tried where the texture has put me completely off the product even if the flavor was nice. with this, both were very good and something I will definitely eat again.

I am however very glad they are mini sticks. The first one out of the bag I ate with no real delay and it was delicious all the way down. The second one, on a different day, I took a bite of and then had to set aside while I answered the phone. I was on the phone for about an hour and then I finished my snack. Biting into the stick and leaving it, then coming back gave it a little time to dry out a bit. The flavor and texture were still there, but it was a little on the dry side.

I think because they have such little fat, once you open them and bite in, thus exposing the interior, they can dry out. with the mini sticks it isn’t really an issue as two to three bites and you are through the stick. It was just something I noticed when I let it sit out over an hour. It was still delicious, it’s just something to be aware of if you are snacking at your desk.

Over all I was pleasantly surprised. The turkey is moist with a good flavor. The snap of the stick is there and the interior is soft without being mealy. It is everything I could ask a turkey stick to be and I will certainly be happy reaching into this bag the rest of the week and putting the Chomps Original Turki Mini Stick Chomplings on my repurchase list.


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