The Daily: July 7th, 2021

Have you ever had your day sort of torpedoed? I was doing really well this morning working like crazy and getting things done. In case you are wondering I have a deadline for a book release at the end of the month that I am trying to keep on track. I’m slightly behind schedule, but I think with a couple of late night editing sessions I might be able to get back on track.

Anyway, the computer decided it had other issues to contemplate today.

Or maybe it is a comentary on my soon to be complete novel, I don’t know.

I think most of the issues are fixed now, but the computer managed to punch a hole straight through the center of my day. I did manage to get to the gym on time (and well before issues started) and at least the time the computer needed to have it’s issues sorted allowed me the time for a nice long walk.

So the exercise is actually on point. So that’s something.

my Peach and Lily order

I also had my order come in from Peach and Lily. I think their big summer sale (up to 50% off loads of items) is still going on if you are looking to shop. while they carry the Peach and Lily products, they have lots of other Korean skincare as well on the site. It is a great place to stock up actually. I wanted to try their Peach Pudding Makeup Removal Cream (plus I am almost out of my Elemis Cleansing balm) so I ordered that and while there I saw the Raw Sauce Essence from May Coop was on sale.

I picked up the smaller size to try out and if I like it, I’ll go back for the full size. I think this is a travel size which I don’t mind and I actually like being able to try it in a smaller size to see if I like it. As an essence it doesn’t take much each use so I’ll definitely be able to form an opinion about it. I’ll admit, I couldn’t resist the moisturizer. The ice cream cone just looked too adorable to pass up. My order received two samples (foil packets) for me to try as well so I can see if those items are ones I want to pick up at a later date. Actually I noticed I have quite a stash of foil packets now. I may have to pick a day and do a foil packet skincare regime. It could be fun. I’ll see if I have enough for the full skin care. I think I do actually.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Glamglow mattifying Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Nars in Laguna

Blush: BareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Highlight: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara

Eyeshadow: Otherworldly Palette by Fluide

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Lip in Pout

I have to say I am impressed with the mattifying of the Glamglow primer. It is a very humid day today and this has held up well. I am also realizing that I like serum foundations, especially in the summertime. This Lift and Luminate from No7 is lightweight but covers everything I want covered. It is light to medium coverage which is my preference. I tend to go light on the foundation. I’m not a big fan of the mask look that high coverage gives, especially not for everyday wear. I can go full coverage if I am going to an event but for me that’s not an every day sort of thing. I also like having a couple of foundations that i like wearing and can pick up easily at the drug store. This is one of my top drug store picks actually.

I ended up using a couple of my current favorites today as well. The bareMinerals Bounce and blur blends beautifully and you can go as bright or as natural as you want, depending on how you blend. Their Gen nude lip is also nice. It gives a nice color, a high shine and my lips feel moisturized even after the lipstick is gone.

I am almost finished with the Benefit Mascara sample, so I am probably just going to keep it out for the rest of the week and use it up. I think it actually will go on my purchase later list. I’m not taking bad Gal Bang off of the list and will probably end up ordering both. I like the They’re Real magnet better than I like the regular They’re real though so I will probably use up the samples I have of it and then not repurchase it.

Otherworldly eyeshadow performed well today. I am working my way through the palette and actually I think at the is point I have used all of the colors in it. I left the orange for last as orange is not my go to color. Today it blended nicely behind the brown and I think I might actually be reaching for it more often.

Overall I was happy with the way my makeup came out today. I put my hair up in braids today and used Kristen Ess Celestial Bobby Pins. They are bobby pins with crystal stars on them for a little bit of sparkle. I’m not sure it they are too far back to see, but as I really like my hair up this way, they will be featured many times. I really like the quality of the pins. They are sturdy as well as pretty. The set of four was $8 I think.

The earrings were my little enamel ladybugs. I can’t remember where I picked them up or who made them, but I wish I could. I remember they had quite a few designs I liked when I picked up the ladybugs. I picked up the one pair thinking I’d try them out and if i liked the way they wore I would go back and pick up a few other pairs, but never made it back.

I know it’s a strange thing to be happy about, but one of the things about not wearing a mask any more that I love (besides not wearing the mask) is that I can rotate through my earring collection. I now get to wear them simply because I want to and not only choose the ones that won’t pull or get tangled up with the mask. Sometimes it is the little things. And on a day when computer issues have slowed me down a little earring happiness is not a bad thing.

Shop Peach & Lily!

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