The Daily: July 8th, 2021

Oh my darlings today has been all sorts of fun. Today was actually supposed to be an easy, quiet day. Apparently no one got the memo because my phone rang off the hook. Everytime I turned around there was another call. I gathered the makeup that I planned to put on but never actually got the chance to apply it.

However most of the calls were good ones or contained issues that could be solved with just a simple double checking of information. I have never been so happy to have information stored away as I was today. I have a beat up old in box that has stashes of paper notes to complement the computer files which really helped me out today. However it also brought to light the fact that I really need a better system. I have an entire chunk of my desk that keeps getting junkier looking throughout the month and then gets sorted through at the end of the month. The sorting takes it from disaster zone to slightly organized mess.

I think I am going to be visiting Multitasky and actually picking out a few things. I’ve been stalking their website for a while ogling all of the desk accessories and organization and I think now, it is time to commit. They have some really cute stuff actually.

In addition to the phone calls I got a package from Trestique today. It only had one item in it. I reordered the Color + Contour Cheek stick. It took me a while to work through the last one, but I finally did. I was going to wait to reorder, but it is one of my favorite bronzers. It is just a simple swipe and then a blend, easy peasy. So I went and reordered it. And woo hoo it arrived without melting in the mail. I know it sounds strange but that was what i was most worried about. It has been so hot that I figured any cream product would melt in the hot box my mental mail box has become. But it arrived safe and sound. And now it is once again in my collection.

And who knows, tomorrow I might actually get a chance to use it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the phone onslaught has finished and tomorrow it will just be me working at my desk.

Oh for those looking for a little pick me up, The Underclub is having a ONE DAY SALE. Today only there is a Special one day only price of $29 for UC Logo Ribbed Bralette Sets. They are super adorable and this is a great price for the set. Their products are always good quality and I love the inclusive sizing. If you ae looking for a special treat for either yourself or a loved one, you might want to move on this deal before it’s gone.

Selfie Shade Match - trèStiQue

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