Look Fantastic Beauty Box July 2021 Unboxing

I have to admit, I was very concerned for my Look Fantastic Box this month. I came back from my short walk yesterday to find it by the door.  It looked as though it had been stomped on.  Usually my Look Fantastic Boxes are in quite good shape considering their long and arduous journey.  Look Fantastic is a beauty box based in the UK.  If you are on a month to month plan the box is $19.  They have three month, six months and annual plans, each one going down in cost the longer you are subscribed.  The 12 month plan is $16 per month which is what I have and I always find it well worth the $16. 

If you are looking to try it out you can get your first box at a discount to see if you like it.  Just use the code LF10 for 10% off your first box.

Nothing was actually damaged.  The box was a little crushed because it was the travel bag this time and not the hard cardboard box, so the edges crumpled a little but the products were fine.

This month the theme is Wanderlust and to complement the theme the products come in a reusable travel bag.  It is a sort of leather look plastic with one side having a clear window.  It is the perfect size for putting into a suitcase.  They usually do one of these summer style bags each year.  Last year it was an aqua color and had two clear sides.  That one I didn’t travel with (mostly because I didn’t travel, but it was perfect as a garden tool.  I put a wet wash cloth and a few ice cubes in the bag and took it with me when I worked in the garden.  It was perfect for keeping cool while I worked and it didn’t leak.  The bag still looks and works great actually.  It is a bit on the dirty side from its time in the garden but I have been using it this year as well as last year and will continue to use it for quite some time to come. 

This year’s bag is white and looks more like something I will keep for traveling. But it is what is inside the bag that counts.  So let’s take a look at the products. 

The first item in the bag is the Grow Gorgeous Intelligent Haircare Defense Anti-pollution leave in Spray.  According to the pamphlet, it is supposed to shield your hair from heat damage, colour fade and external aggressors.  Grow Gorgeous is one of those brands I didn’t really know about until I started getting this box and it is rapidly rising in my estimation.  I have an overnight hair mask from them that I absolutely love and I recently picked up a set of Shampoo and conditioner to try from them during The Skinstore’s Grow Gorgeous sale.  Also this morning when I looked at Boxy Add ons they had a different set of shampoo and conditioner from the brand that I picked up at 50% off so I can try that as well.  I am almost finished with my Zents shampoo and conditioner (although I will definitely be repurchasing those) and I wanted something new to try.

But I would never have tried this brand without this subscription box.  I think that is one of the benefits of getting a box from outside the country.  But It is clearly not the only item in the box.  The second item I pulled from the box is the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer. 

Anyone who reads this regularly knows that I am a huge fan of Elemis products.  I am thrilled that I get to try one from the Superfood line that I haven’t tried.  My only issue is that in the booklet the product described it the Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter, which I was actually really looking forward to trying.  The packages of the sample sizes look exactly the same, but they sent me a different one.  I will still use it and see how it works out, but I kind of would have preferred the cleansing butter.

The next item in the box this month was a small tube of the Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter in OMG.  Some of you may find that familiar if you read my daily posts where I list out the makeup I used that day and my thoughts on it.  The Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in the shade OMG is one of my go to products. It is a beautiful highlighter that can be used to create a stunning gleam or blended into a soft glow.  I haven’t tried the liquid form of this highlighter but look forward to comparing the two. Incidentally if you are shopping Illamasqua products you can get 25% off from new orders on their website with the code ILLANEW25

The fourth item in the July box is the Mine Tan Body Skin Cucumber gradual tan. It is a face and body spray with a gradual tanner and a refreshing scent.  To be honest most of my body gets far too much sun as it is, and doesn’t need the help.  However, I generally wear jeans and pants so my legs are ghost pale. 

In fact, I am pretty sure they can be seen from space. I could probably signal aliens by putting on a pair of shorts and lying in the grass in the backyard.  While it normally doesn’t bother me, as the summer progresses the skin color difference between my legs and upper body is very noticeable when I do wear skirts and dresses so I have been looking for products to address this.  I have a couple in the line up and I think this might work well.  I am not certain how far I’ll get with the small spray bottle, but it should be enough for at least some preliminary thoughts.

Moving on to item number six there is a Revlon Lipstick. It is full sized. It has been a while since I have tried any makeup products from Revlon and I am always happy to see a new lipstick (as my dressing table can surely attest).  I don’t mind that there is a drug store product in her as I like having a few products that if I like I can run out and pick up rather than order on line.  And as I haven’t tried a Revlon Formula in a while it might be nice to see if I like it so that there is another brand I can just pick up a color I like on impulse when I am shopping.

Finally, there is a Starskin VIP 7 second Luxury all day mask. It looks like something you slip over your fingers and rub across your face rather than a sheet mask you apply over the skin in, well, a sheet. It is supposed to refresh and rehydrate your complexion.  I will have to look into it a bit more before I use it to find out what it is actually supposed to do.  I might actually set up a Friday masking day for a Friday full of odd masks.  I have one for the hands from Starskin as well which might go into that category.  I’ll have to take a look at the details and see what can be done.

But for now that is my July 2021 Wanderlust themed box.  While there was a minor snafu with the Elemis Product, everything in here is something I want to give a try and am interested in using.  All Subscription boxes have high and low months, this in my opinion was a definite high and I can’t wait to test out the products inside. With Look Fantastic I really like that all of the samples are of a size large enough to give me a good idea of how the product will perform. I like that there are some of my favorite brands mixed in with brands I’ve never tried. I also like that there are often things I would never think to pick up on my own. Like the Starskin VIP Finger mask thing. I know that if I saw it in a store or flicked past it on-line I would be interested but probably wouldn’t buy it. Now I get to try it and see if it is worth buying.

This is definitely a subscription I will be hanging on to, especially knowing that next month’s spoiler is a Ciate London Blush.  Currently the Ciate London blush I have is one of my favorites so having a new one in a different color is very exciting.  I am also trying to decide if I want to try and pick up the August Limited edition box Look Fantastic is putting out.  It is a LookFantastic X Omorovicza box.  I’ve tried a couple of products from the brand before and they were absolutely fantastic.  They were quite pricey though.  It would be fantastic to be able to try several more products before committing to buying the full sized ones. 

They also have a limited edition box partnered with Revolution this August.  All of their limited editions sell out super fast so if either of those appeal to you keep your eyes peeled for release dates and pounce as soon as you are able.  There have been several in the past that I just managed to miss. Fingers crossed that this time I can manage to catch the Omorovicza box.

Even if I don’t I am pleased with this month’s Look Fantastic Box and looking forward to seeing what August brings.

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