Snacktime: Cranberry and Habanero Beef Stick

It is time. Time to open the Variety Pack of Chomps. Chomps very kindly send this over to me to try out and review and trust me, I am more than happy to do so. I love variety packs. They are a great way to try out a multitude of flavors so that you can decide if you like them enough to buy an entire pack.

Because let’s face it, some flavors sound good until you actually try them and they don’t live up to your expectations. Of course the opposite is also true. Some products that you wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards end up being your favorites once you try them.

The Chomps Variety Pack contains eight different flavors. Three of them I have already tried. Those were the Original Beef, the Italian Style Beef and the Original Turkey sticks. The Links will take you to the full reviews of those. While I reviewed them as the Chomplings Bags they are the same flavors they are just now in regular sized sticks which are about twice as large as the Chomplings.

The entire Variety Pack

So today I pulled one of the remaining five flavors from the variety pack and then did a happy dance as the one I was most excited to try out was pulled from the box. Today’s snack was the Cranberry and Habanero Beef Stick. I am a sucker for anything with sweet heat so this looked tailor made for me.

As with all Chomps products the beef sticks are made with grass fed and finished beef and have zero sugar. This stick has 9g of protein and 100 calories. And one stick is one serving. I know that sounds strange to say, but something I have picked up on since instituting my afternoon snack plan has been that you really have to check the serving size before you snack. I have picked up several snacks calculated my caloric intake only to find out after further reading that the protein bar I just consumed was actually two or even three servings.

Build your own Chomps Custom Variety Pack and save 10%

They just got sneaky with the packaging. It kind of drives me a little crazy when companies do that. Luckily Chomps does not. What you see is what you get. One stick is one serving.

But was the Cranberry and Habanero beef stick a treat worth eating? Yes it was. The rating of three flams and Hot as it’s designation had me a bit worried, but then I tried it and it was not as spicy as I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, it is a bit spicy and it is a heat that lingers. However it is not a heat that overpowers.

I like spicy things but I don’t want heat to be the only thing I taste. I wanted the spice of the habanero but I also wanted the sweet and tart of the cranberry as well as the beefiness of the meat. With this stick I got all three. I could taste everything without the heat overpowering me. The heat did linger after I was done, but it was a pleasant reminder, not a need to go running to the fridge for a glass of milk. I was very impressed with the balance and the taste. The stick had the nice snap that I like, with the soft interior as well. And the 9g of protein will help keep me going through the rest of the day. Overall I am very please with this Chomps Cranberry and Habanero Beef Stick and can’t wait to try the other varieties in the pack.


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