A second chance for an unloved product

Have you ever tried a product and thought, ‘That’s okay but I don’t really see what the big deal is about.’ Only to realize a little way down the road that you were using the product incorrectly?

That is what happened to me with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. I know, you are looking at it and thinking, ‘Mimsy the product does seem a bit self explanatory’.

And you may be wondering what it is that I actually did with the above product. Well, I will tell you my darlings so that if you, like me, had issues then you can know that you are not alone.

And if it is just me, then you can feel superior, I don’t mind.

So a while back I received a small deluxe sample size of this purifying scrub in a subscription box. I think it was Look Fantastic actually. I had heard of the brand and had a friend who raved about it, but never tried them. I was excited. I tried it and was not blown away. The salt was a bit too chunky and I had other products that I liked much better.

the product

Now, I think that first sample may have had som mixing issues, because I had two other deluxe sample sizes come to me fairly recently that didn’t have the large salt chunk issues and the full size certainly doesn’t have the issue.

However the main issue was that I wasn’t using it correctly. I saw the product and thought, Okay it’s like a hair mask with scrubby bits. It doesn’t help that the writing on the travel size is really small. And while my ThinOptics reading glasses are technically thin and designed to be taken anywhere (which is why they can clip onto the back of your cell phone), I generally don’t wear them in the shower.

So I used the scrub more or less like a mask. After shampooing I applied this mask in place of conditioner and let it sit on my hair, working just a little bit of the salt through my hair with my fingertips. Then I rinsed it off.

Those of you who know how this mask is supposed to be applied are now shaking your head at me. I can feel it, even through the computer screen. It’s okay, I should have read the package or looked on line before I used it.

Apparently this Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is meant to replace your shampoo on the days it is used. I know, boy did I get that wrong. So I tried it again (remember I had two more travel sized samples as well as the full one). I figured I’d try one of the samples and if I still didn’t think it wa that great I;d pass the unopened products on to someone who would like them more.

So into the shower I went. No photos of that please. I think we can all live without that. I will say though that until i took the below photo I hadn’t quite realized how long my hair has actually gotten. I know I should have but there is something about seeing it in a photo like that and realizing just how far away you have to hold the camera just to get the hair in frame. Bt that is a different aside.

Hair just out of the shower and air dried with no additional product added

I treated the scrub like a shampoo. I applied it to wet hair and then massaged it. To my surprise it grew foamy. It produced a thick rich lather that reminded me of the ocean. It was fresh and clean and more importantly the foam carried the salty bits to my scalp cleaning it as the product was designed to do. I then rinsed it out of my hair and used my conditioner.

My current conditioner is Zents Water Conditioner if you were wondering. It is a moisturizing conditioner and summertime fabulous. However, I have to say, my hair felt extra fantastic after the use of the mask. I finally understood why so many people raved about it.

And I decided not to pass any of the product along. I will declutter somewhere else, but i am using every last dollop of this purifying scrub.

It was such a luxurious treatment for my hair. It isn’t something I would use daily, or even weekly. This is a once a month mask to cleanse the scalp and give your hair a nice refresh. Once I managed to read the product label and use the product as it was designed to be used, I really enjoyed it. I am very glad that I gave it a second chance.

And from now on, I will remember to read the labels of bath and hair products before taking them into the shower. i will do my best not to assume that I know how they work. I know, sometimes, I am my own worst enemy. But the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea salt is now going on my reorder list. Luckily I have enough product not to need to reorder for a while. It’s a bit pricey, but the Skin Store has at least one Christophe Robin sale each year and I will be taking advantage of the next one.

For those of you who understood the product right away (r took the time to read the label correctly) I hope this provides you a nice moment of superiority to kickstart your day. Take it and know that you are smart and fabulous.

If, like me, you made assumptions, know that you aren’t alone. I am right there with you. And you too are still smart and fabulous. There was probably just steam on your reading glasses.

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