The Daily: July 20th, 2021

Oh the days before deadlines, when the world is compressed into two lists: what has to get done and everything else. Luckily, I put the gym in the has to get done category and managed to sneak it in before things got busy.

This week i am trying to walk at the gym instead of on the walking trail. I’ve spent just a little too much time in the sun for my liking. Admittedly my skin looks very patchwork at the moment. My arms neck and face are quite browned but my legs are still fish belly white. I’m starting in with at least one of the sunless tanners tonight so hopefully my legs will soon be a little less fishbelly. I’m also hoping they don’t go full oompa loompa as well, but that will have to be a wait and see moment.

Today’s lunch was a lovely homemade caprese salad. While I got to use my own basil for it, I had to use store-bought tomatoes as mine are still green on the vine. It tends to be one of my favorite summertime lunches as it is quick and easy to make and since i lean more heavily on the tomatoes than I do the mozzarella it isn’t all that highly caloric. And of course well within my portion of calories. So for food and exercise i am on track.

And when I got home from the gym, there was a package waiting for me.

Isn’t it lovely? All full of Klorane goodies. While I use lots of the dry shampoo and waterproof eye makeup remover, there are a lot of products in here I have never tried. In fact the only thing in this box I’;ve tried is the mango hair mask. Everytime I order from Klorane they send samples with the order (which is how I tried out the waterproof eye makeup remover) and the mango hair mask was one I’ve received a number of times. It smells delicious and really helps with dried split ends. It also makes the bath smell like a tropical smoothie. I always end up craving a mango smoothie after rinsing it out. While I have gone through many sample sizes I am thrilled to have a full size of the mask as well as several other products to try out.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

Foundation: NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Insta Marc Hifi filter

Blush: Billion Dollar Beauty Shade Amour

Highlighter: Billion Dollar Beauty Shade Mystic

Brows: Billion Dollar Beauty Cream Brow in Taupe

Lips: Billion Dollar Beauty in Macaroon

Powder ABH Loose setting powder

Eyeshadow: Billion Dollar Beauty in Moon and Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1

Mascara: Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

Setting Spray ABH Dewy Set Setting Spray

Earrings: Mariz Jewelry

The Illamasqua primer is just perfect for the summer. It is light weight and pretty much disappears into the skin, while both hydrating and locking down the makeup layered on top of it. It does go on a bit wet so you need to put it on and then give it a minute to dry down before moving forward with your foundation. I know the brand came out with a Beyond the veil primer that mixes the beyond powder into the primer, but quite frankly I prefer the original Hydra Veil Primer. It is just very light and fresh and feels like nothing once in place.

On top of it I layered another product that feels like nothing on the skin. And that was the NYX Bare With Me tinted skin Veil. I am down to half a tube of this foundation product and I will be buying it again once it runs out. It takes down the redness and evens skin tone but feels weightless and looks natural on the skin.It is just enough to even things out and if you are having a good skin day, this is a good product to use.It provides just enough help to make your skin look great.

The blush from Billion Dollar Beauty I like just as much as I did yesterday. I think the highlighter is actually growing on me. I still prefer using a gold or pink toned highlighter as I think they work better with my skin, but this silvery one is really good for putting under neath the eyebrows. It lightens them up but doesn’t look like too much. I rather enjoyed using it there today.

Today I also used the Norvena palette to change up the look. While I chose a bright pink and the black to try out in that palette I used the Billion Dollar Beauty eye shadow in Moon for my inner corners. I was very impressed with the way it blended with the other shades. It’s pigmentation held its own with the ABH formula. It blended nicely and while I don’t think I will ever really grow fond of just the shade all over my lids it is one that I will consistently reach for to place in the inner corner. It works really well with the darkest black the Novina Palette had to offer. With the Norvina palette, the black was highly pigmented. It also had loads of fall out even after you tap the brush. It stays in place once it is there, but there is fall out during application.

The Fenty Beauty Mascara is reaching the end of its life. I’ll be using it off and on for the next week, but it is starting to get that hollow sound mascaras get when they are close to being finished. To be honest, it isn’t my favorite formula and I probably won’t be purchasing it again. It isn’t a bad mascara. It is a fine everyday mascara but there really is nothing all that special about it. It is fine, but not fantastic. Since I have mascaras I enjoy a lot more, this won’t make the repurchasing list.

For the lips I again used a Billion Dollar Beauty pan, this one in Macaroon. The shade i think is a little too light for me, but the formula is fantastic.It applies well and barely feels like it is there.

Finally I used the ABH Setting Powder and Dewy Set setting spray. The powder did look a little powdery, but that could be because I have such a light foundation product on today. Because it was a little powdery, the dewyness of the setting spray worked really well and the two balanced out. I want to try both with a foundation that is more than a tinted moisturizer, but I think I actually like them both. Which is quite nice to learn. I don’t think the dewy spray will be too dewy.

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