The Billion Dollar Box

The Billion Dollar Box with pans

Recently Billion Dollar Beauty sent a package to me that included their Billion Dollar Box as well as several pans of product to go inside. This week I have been using both the box and the products. The products have worked well and to be honest, the brow cream is actually one of my favorites and one I will not only keep using but repurchase when it runs out.

However this post is not about the products in the box, but rather the box itself. The box retails for only $9.99 and on the website it is described as…

The Billion Dollar Box® is a customizable, sustainable and convenient solution to traditional makeup palettes. Create the palette that speaks to YOU and choose from over 35 different Billion Dollar Beauty® makeup pans including brows, eyes, lips and cheeks. Buy once, refill for life. BDB cosmetic pans are sold without excess packaging, unlike traditional makeup palettes.  The magnetic base holds each product in place keeping your makeup mess-free and organized inside one box.

  • Magnetic base holds makeup pans in place
  • Billion Dollar Beauty® makeup pans sold separately
  • Made with 30% PCR plastic
  • Includes mirror and kickstand for application on-the-go
  • Patent Pending
the kickstand

In case you were wondering, all of the pans from brows to eyeshadows and face products sell for $3.99. While BDB sent two eyeshadow pans in the package, I have actually ordered a couple of other shades to try out as well so I can get a feel for the darker shadows (hence why the review of those will be later). As I mentioned above, thus far all of the products have performed well.

The mirror on this box is a good size and it has a very sturdy kick stand for support. It is prone to collecting fingerprints as it is the box lid, but is easy to wipe off. On the sides of the box are two curved cut outs to lift the lid off of the box. I’ll be honest, the first time I took the lid off the box, I broke a nail getting it open. It is a very tight fit. However as I continued to open and close the box, the fit, while still tight, opened easier. It was just that initial factory fresh box that was a little hard to open up.

The entire back of the box is magnetic and is quite strong. I moved the palette around the house and even put it in my purse when going grocery shopping and none of the pans moved even a bit. I know it sounds strange to test the magnet, but even though the mirror is thick and sits on the ridge inside the palette, it still leaves quite a lot of space between the mirror back and the pans, so if one was knocked loose because of a less powerful magnet then it would bounce around a bit and make a mess of the other pans.

blush removed to show the fall out around it caused by the larger brush

Thankfully, this was not an issue. As the mirror has no cover, i would suggest putting it inside a bag when traveling with it to prevent the mirror from getting damaged. In this case, the drawstring bags from IPSY might actually come in handy.

Using the products in the pan I had a couple of concerns The first was if the depth at which the pans sit is deeper than most magnetic palettes due to the mirror sitting in the box, and I wondered if that would make a difference in application. I found myself picking up the pan to dip into it vertically more than I did with other palettes. It wasn’t a conscious choice just something that happened as I put my makeup on. Blush and highlighter I worked with the pan flat and then picked up the palette to apply shadow, brows and lips. I think this adjustment may have been due to the depth at which the pans sat, verses a usual palette, but it wasn’t really a difficulty and I didn’t really have to lift it up to use, I just found myself doing so. Once I realized I was doing it, i stopped and deliberately used it lying flat and it worked well.

The second concern I had was the mix of powder and cream products in the same palette. I worried that there would be fall out from the powder into the cream products. In this case the blush was the product with the most fall out. I’m pretty sure this is because I used a larger brush to apply it. The the shadows, brows and lips were all dipped into with smaller brushes and I tend to apply highlighter with my fingertips so there were no real problems with any of them. As you can see there is some powder fall out from the blush.

To make sure it didn’t get into the cream products, I simply moved them lower in the palette and away from the powder. Even with the fall out, the powder spray was minimal. I think my blush brush is just slightly wider than the pan and that is what caused the corona of powder around the pan. It means I didn’t evenly space the pans as they do in the advertisements, but giving the blush a little extra room seemed to work. I had no contamination issues this entire week.

the clearly marked pan

Even though I really enjoy the products sent over, I do have other magnetic pans and when I tried them in this box, they worked just as well as the products designed for the box. So if you had one eyeshadow you wanted to add that BDB didn’t have in their dhade range you could. Or if there was a specific product you were trying to ue up. Or whatever, it could be added. It is a very versatile palette as there are no designated cut outs for specific pans. I will say though that I love the way these pans are labelled. Each pan, whether for lips, eyes or face has a full label on the back. There is no wondering which shade of eyeshadow you are using. For me the cream brow was my stand out favorite and one I will certainly be reordering. Because of their clear labels, when the pan reaches a stage where reordering is needed, I can easily flip it over and see the shade with no issue.

I know that sounds like a little thing, but I have several magnetic pans that have small numbers printed on the back of them and no other information. A couple of them I can’t even remember what brand they are. Reordering would require first a magnifying glass to find the numbers and then a search to find the brand. These pans are all clearly labeled and can easily be reordered. I personally really appreciate that.

While my palette was of the build your own variety, BDB has put together beauty bundles that you can purchase with the pans already picked out. The Rustic Vacation bundle is a little more earthy in tone, while the tropical vacation bundle is a bit brighter. So even if you are uncomfortable picking out each individual product, you could start with the bindles and then add one or two items of your own choosing as you grow more comfortable with the products. Or if you find you just want to try a brighter lipstick. it is extremely easy to personalize.

I really enjoyed this palette and I think that once I start traveling again (at Thanksgiving is the plan this year) it will go with me. When visiting family the mirrors are in the bathroom and bathroom space is limited. Given the house is always crowded at the holidays, time in the bathrooms are limited as well. Having a stand up mirror will be a huge help in getting ready without causing a traffic jam. Over all it is a well thought out box and one I will use often and purchase replacement products for. I think the plastic is sturdy enough to last a while and the magnet is strong enough to keep everything in it’s place. My only concern is finding a cover for the mirror during travel, but as that is easily accomplished with an IPSY bag or even a thick winter sock, it really isn’t much of a concern at all.

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