Snacktime: Chomps Salt & Pepper Venison Stick

Each day I try to have a little afternoon snack. It really helps me to feel like I am full between meals and it keeps me on track with my calories. In general I find that if I don’t have an afternoon snack then I tend to overeat at dinner time, or even feel cheated in my portion size.

snacking helps me feel better about the smaller portions.

Recently Chomps sent a package full of goodies for me to try and I have been rotating them into my snack time routine. Currently I am working my way through the variety pack. I am a huge fan of variety packs, especially with a brand that has tastes that are unfamiliar to me. Prior to this I tried the original Beef Sticks from Chomps but none of their variety of flavors. With a variety pack I can try all of the types and decide which ones I really enjoy eating and then repurchase larger packages of those. There are eight sticks in the variety pack, each a different type. And if you look at the standard variety pack and know that some of the flavors aren’t for you, you can always build your own variety pack.

Thus far, I’ve actually really enjoyed all of the ones I’ve tried. I will admit, I was a little nervous when I pulled this stick from the box. I really enjoy venison actually. While we moved around a lot when I was a child at one point we lived in an area where deer had to be hunted just to keep the population in check. My family didn’t hunt but we did have a neighbor who often brought home more than he could eat so we worked out a deal with him so nothing went to waste.

So I have fond memories of the taste of venison. I also have some pretty pore memories. It can very easily go from a lovely game meat to something you want to hide in your napkin and slip to the dog when no one is paying attention.

However the venison part of the Chomps stick wasn’t what concerned me. It was the pepper. I will use black pepper as a seasoning, but I really don’t like the taste of it. When I go for spice, I want the vegital heat of a jalapeno or a serrano rather than black pepper. It has caused some issues at our house as my babydoll’s favorite meal involves steak au poivre (pepper crusted steak) and I always think, why would you do that to a poor defenseless steak when you can baste it with garlic butter instead? It is an ongoing in house issue.

Luckily we don’t have steak all that often so it is mostly a verbal debate. But that is beside the point.

So today was the Salt and Pepper Venison stick from Chomps. I was pleasantly surprised. The pepper is a little too black pepper forward for me, but it doesn’t completely overwhelm the taste of the venison. The venison is well seasoned and the stick has the snap outer edge you would expect with a soft interior. The meat is slightly gamey a you would expect (and I personally like) but it isn’t mealy or stringy.

As with all Chomps products the meat is grass fed and finished. The stick contains zero sugar, 9 grams of protein and is only 90 calories. The stick is filling enough to count as the perfect size for a mid day snack without blowing out my calorie count.

While it was nice, I have to say it is still a little pepper forward for me to really enjoy. So for me I would not personally order a large box of these. Hower, my babydoll had a bite of this Chomps Salt and Pepper Venison Stick and has declared it his favorite thus far. (he has been trying them along with me so I can order snacks for him as well). As I mentioned before he likes pepper a lot more than I do, so this is one we will be ordering for him rather than me. I don’t actually mind that actually. Finding snacks for him that aren’t chips or cookies has been a challenge. He loves his sweet and he loves his salt. Luckily this counts as a ‘salty’ snack and he is thrilled that he will be getting a box all to himself. He grew up with two older brothers both of whom have similar tastes to him so anytime he gets a treat he doesn’t have to share he is thrilled.

So the pepper isn’t for me, but the texture of the meat and the quality of the venison I found quite impressive. If you are interested in trying them out, they have a sale going on for back to school it is 20% and a great way to stock up on good snacks.

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