The Daily: August 2nd, 2021

Ah the internet.  So fabulous until Spectrum sends you a text saying there will be rolling outages. And then just as you read the text and wonder at the reasoning, the internet goes out.  It made Thursday and Friday all sorts of fun.  It is also the reason I am spending today playing catch up.  Turns out the cloud is a very good place to store documents so that if your computer crashes they won’t be lost forever. It is not so good when the internet goes down and you can’t access them.

Tonight, I will be working late.

Today, however, I managed my gym visit and workout despite feeling bloated and crampy.  Quite frankly I think it deserves extra brownie points.  Even if there are no brownies in the near future.  And at the moment, I kind of want brownies.

But that is not the point. 

Walking on the walking trail, even if I were so inclined would be a bad idea today.  With the heat index we are well into triple digits and time outside is just a bad idea.  So instead of just tying my hair up in a twist at the back of my head I went with the braids today.  I used the sparkly Kristen Ess bobby pins to add a little something to it.  As much as I like the braids, if I am going to be sweating it out outside I generally void them as I feel like I tug too much getting them out when the hair is wet.  The hair just becomes a little too knotted. But as my time outside was pretty much confined to me driving between the house and the gym the braids are fine today. 

The earrings I chose were copper cubes I received from Ear Fleek a while back.  I have to say, they are one of my favorite pair of earrings to throw on.  They may only have cost $3.49 but I have gotten way more use out of them than some of my more expensive earrings. I can’t say the same for all of the earrings from Ear Fleek, but I do like these.  Ear Fleek is one of those subscriptions I dip into for a while then decide I’m done and cancel only to go back after six or eight months.

Sometimes the earrings I pass on to my twelve year old niece because they suit her more and a couple I have sent to my mother but over all there are enough pairs that I like for me. And they make great additions to Christmas stockings.  I’ve been out for a while now and I think I may dip back in for a bit soon. I’ve been trying to limit my subscriptions, but I have a few rolling off soon so I may add Ear Fleek back in for a bit when I let a couple others go.

But that is a thought for another time.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Instamarc duo (I used the light side as my pressed powder today while the dark was my bronzer) – Currently this compact is on sale for $29 – regular price $49 – Marc Jacobs has a Summer Sale on still if you are looking to stock up. I highly recommend the Velvet Noir Mascara.

Blush: Ciate London Illuminating bush in Matchmaker

Highlighter: illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

Eyeshadow: Golden Hour Palette from Beauty for real

Mascara: Fenty Beauty Full frontal Mascara

Lips: Yensa Lip oil in Pink Shine

Today was sort of a low key look since really I’m not going much of anywhere.  With Becca slated to cease production this fall I have been trying out many of my Becca products and trying to decide if there are any I really want to stock up on.  I know, I try not to stock up on products when they become discontinued and for most of the Becca Products I have I am okay just using what I have in my collection and letting go.  This foundation is a hard one for me as I really enjoy using it.  It is a great formula, but I think it is time to simply use it up and let it go.  The bottle I have is down to the halfway mark and it is one of the older foundations in my collection.  I might be reaching for it more often in the near future as a way to use it up. 

Actually what I really need to do is pick out several products that I like but are getting older and work on using them up.  There aren’t a lot actually a I try to be fairly conscientious about using products up.  But still, since I am indoors until the heat breaks a little, I might spend some time going through and looking for older products or products that I just want to finish up.  It could be a nice indoor task.

Speaking of finishing up, this was the Fenty Beauty Mascara’s last trip into the daily makeup.  The mascara is spent.  It is now off to the empties bin.  This is one of those products that if it came in another subscription bag, I wouldn’t mind using (or passing on) but it wasn’t good enough for me to say, yeah, I’d really like to repurchase that.  It was, to be quite blunt, ordinary. Oddly enough I will actually be getting another one in my collection soon. I checked my IPSY bag so I could make my selections for August’s Glam Bag X and one of the products chosen for me was this Fenty Mascara. I think it might get passed on. I find it kind of amusing that the day I finish it and sent it to the empties, I learn another one will soon be on it’s way, but maybe that’s just me.

The Beauty For Real Mascara, now that was spectacular.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the Golden Hour palette.  The shimmers seem to be fine, but those mattes have a lot of fall out and are applying in a very patchy manner.  I’m going to continue playing around with it, but at the moment, it isn’t my favorite eyeshadow palette. 

I do quite like the Ciate London Blush.  This is the sample that came in my latest Glossy Box.  The blush from the marbled line is one of my favorites so I was interested to try out the illuminating one.  It performs just as well as the other blush but is lighter in tone which seems to feel more summery, at least to me.  First impressions are pretty good.  And as there is a lot of product in this sample, I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it.

With the Illamasqua highlighter, I have the same shade in both powder and cream form so I wanted to remind myself of how the powder performs before I try out the cream form.  Personally I really like this highlighter.  It is a great shade for me and blends well to create a soft glow. Which is kind of my preference. You can go blinding with it, I just don’t really care for the blinding highlighter look.

Everything else used today was a standby favorite so I have no complaints.  I think everything worked out pretty well in the application today.  At least, I’m happy with the way I look. And since it is mostly me and the computer today, that is good enough.

Amore Pacific has two deals going on right now that you might want to be aware of. Personally, I love their products. The cleansing powder is fantastic. I’ve been trying to hold off purchasing a full sized bottle because I have several cleansers I need to clear out of my collection before I can go back to it. Although I might actually bend my rules to take advantage of the sales. The links are below if you are interested.

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