The Daily: August 4th, 2021

Ah yes my darlings more of the same as this seems to be the way the week is going. Early workouts and loads of time spent at my desk. Not the most exciting I’ll grant you but I am slowly coming up to the mark. And I think I will be back to normal work hours tomorrow, which will be nice. I still have a deadline looming, but it isn’t looming as frighteningly at the moment, which is really nice. I am hoping to get everything cleared away and then do a revamp of my desk top space as we go into fall. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I did take the opportunity to just leave my hair down for the day since i wasn’t going anywhere. I figured just brushing it and letting it be would be a nice healthy treat for it. No heat, no braids, no ponytail holders of any sort, just down and done. It reminds me I really need to get into see a stylist to at least add some sort of shape to it (as well as knocking off several inches from the length), but it was nice to just let it be for a bit. I did indulge in a bright red lipstick though. I also took a moment to play with the Norvina Palette that came in July’s Boxy Charm.

Today’s look:

Primer: Elf Poreless putty Primer

Foundation: Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation

Bronzer: Nars Bronzer in Laguna

Blush: Floss Lip and cheek stain

Highlighter: Illamasqua cream highlighter in OMG

Powder: ABH Setting Powder

Mascara: Pretty Vulgar The Feathers Mascara

Eyeshadow: Novina Collection Volume 1

Lips: Elf liquid Lip in Red Vixen

Setting Spray: ABH Dewy Set

The Pacifica foundation I am going to try to use more frequently for a little while as it is about three quarters empty and I would really like to use it up. It is a good foundation, but i’ve had it for a while and would like to use it up and clear it out. It is definitely a repurchase item though so even when I do use it up it will only be temporarily gone from my dressing table. I just don’t like wasting products by letting them sit around long enough to expire. So it will make frequent appearances for a bit.

NARS is also a return from yesterday and will be reused for a bit as well. I actually hit pan on it yesterday. Just a tiny bit of silver was showing. It made me very excited as I have been working on using this sample size up for quite a while now. Today more of the pan is showing. I think the product is thin enough that the pan showing will grow quite rapidly. So I am going to see if I can use it up in the next few weeks.

Today I used the Illamasqua cream highlighter. It is in the same shade as one of my favorite powder highlighters from Illamasqua. I am kind of on the fence about it. I am going to have to use it more than once to really get a feel for it. It applied very brightly but then blended in more than I expected. I think I might have blended it out of existence. I’ll play around with it a bit more but I think I might prefer the powder version of this highlighter.

I do really like the Floss Lip and Cheek Stain as a blush though. I found it east to work with and I think it would be very easy to travel with as well. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older and my skin is changing or if products are changing or if it is a combination of the two, but I am really starting to like cream products a lot more. Well some cream products, and only in certain ways. This product I like on my cheeks but I am not a fan of it on my lips.

Mor my lips I used one of my favorite reds. It is a liquid lip from elf. It dries down well but comfortably and stays in place all day. And the shade works for me. It isn’t too pink and it isn’t too orange. which is really hard to find.

The Norvina Palette is one I will also have to play around with for a bit.It is highly pigmented but blends well. The darker shades have a bit of fall out. I didn’t really use any shimmers today. I do like that there is a pure white matte in the palette. I was very impressed by how white it was and how it didn’t go muddy with the other shadows. i think I will enjoy playing around with this palette. As I have a long stretch of mostly working at my desk coming up, I might try to play around with some brighter looks. It could be fun to try something new.

And that is more or less me today. It isn’t all that exciting I suppose, but at least it isn’t all that stressful either. It is just me catching up on paperwork and having a little bit of fun along the way. And there is nothing wrong with that on a wednesday.

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