The Skincare Line Up: August 6th, 2021

Ah Friday, the day I look pack on all of the skincare products used throughout the week and take a moment to decide how I feel about them. Any product I use for more than thirty days gets it’s own full length post, but I like to take a weekly peep at the line up, just to check in and see how I feel about things. I generally find it helps to assess the products and how i feel about them even if it is too early for some of them to show legitimate results. So without further ado, lets start with the day time line up, shall we?

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Dove O% Deodorant

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Byroe Bell Pepper Serum

Eye Cream: ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturizer

Moisturizer: OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

I had planned to rotate another of the small samples of cleanser I want to try out into my skincare line up this week, but completely forgot. So I used the Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser in both the morning and evening. It’s not really much of a hardship as it is a nice cleanser. I really like the fresh scent and feel to it. I expected it to have more of a dairy like scent to it as it is from their Yoghurt line and the mask I have from that line does have a very distinct yoghurt note to the scent. It doesn’t though, it just smells really clean and fresh. You know I really liked the Korres mask. I may actually end up using that this afternoon. But that is another topic.

The Time Revolution Artemisia Essence came in very handy yesterday actually. Well it has been good all summer really, but yesterday after spending a large chunk of the day fighting with the computer I really needed to just step away for a bit. I was planning to go to the gym, but my neighbor’s house just sold and the new owners are doing renovations. They have been really nice and considerate about things but at the moment one of their vehicles was blocking our drive. So I went on a walk instead. A very long walk.

And so I ended up spending a bit too much time in the sun and had to do a little soothing before bed time. I think the soothing helped more than my skin.

After two weeks with the ESPA eye cream, I am starting to really like it. It is a bit premature to say I see signs of effects, but it absorbs quickly and smoothly and hasn’t clogged the pores. For me the area around my orbital bone tends to get clogged pores more often than most of the rest of my skin so I am really careful about the products I use around my eyes. The ESPA Cream hasn’t clogged anything and feels really good on my skin. I know I won’t see any real results for about thirty days. Skin care isn’t magic after all, but I have my fingers crossed that there will be results as I like this cream. (I also took pictures to compare after thirty days.)

The OSEA Moisturizer is nice. I don’t really like the scent all that much, but the moisturizer is working really well. Two pumps covers my face and neck. I like that it is in a glass bottle with a pump as it keeps the product from becoming contaminated. If it weren’t for the scent I would really enjoy the moisturizer as it is a good product. It isn’t a bad scent. It is vaguely seaweed-y. I like the product enough that I can get used to the scent. And if another bottle appeared, I would still use it, but because of the scent I might not seek it out. I will keep using it though and perhaps it will grow on me. I also forgot to bring out another sample tube of sunscreen so I went back to my tried and true Volition Sunscreen. For those of you who like mineral sunscreen, they actually just released a mineral version of this sunscreen. I love this formula, but I also tend to like mineral sunscreens as they tend to leave less of a white cast on the skin. The last time I ordered my sunscreen I ordered a couple of bottles. So I want to work through them before I order new, but I think I may try out the mineral version next time I order sunscreen from Volition.

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser from Peach Slices

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid62% Hydrating Serum

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

Night Mask: Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight repair serum

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Most of these products I have talked about repeatedly. Don’t worry there will be some changes soon. For the most part I am very happy with the way the products are performing. The one product that I am not too fond of is the moisturizer. The Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer is just not working for me.

I had to stop using it during the day because it was just too much for my skin at this time of year and I think it may be even too much at night. Even though I list the Wander Beauty Night mask in my products, I didn’t actually use it this week because the Air Repair so over moisturized me that it would be madness to try and add it on top. I’ll have a full post on it up next week, but I just think this moisturizer isn’t for me. I tried a sample a while back and thought it worked pretty well, but this full size is just not working out. I will be taking it out of the rotation and rolling a different product in for this upcoming week.

While all of the other products worked well for me this week I have to say my star product is the Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste. I know that sounds strange to say, but my teeth feel fantastically clean. I don’t know what it is about the formula, but I really like it. Part is the taste I suppose. It is more peppermint than spearmint and I am a peppermint kind of person. But my mouth does feel fantastically clean. So Crest gets a gold star this week.

In other skincare

Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial

Hey Honey Come Clean Propolis and Minerals Facial Scrub

Both of these products I like. The Ole Henriksen Glow Facial is being used twice a week and the hey Honey Come Clean is being used once a week. The products are both fabulous and I will repurchase both in the future. With the Phat Glow Facial, I have to say, that pump is not my friend. Each use makes it stiffer and harder to use. I think I might actually be nearing the end of the product so that might explain part of it. The mask is just so thick that I don’t think it likes the pump format. I appreciate why the pump is being used (to keep air out of the product and keep it fresh) but I’m not so sure it works. I like the mask though and am willing to struggle with the pump in order to use the mask, so that is something.

I have a hard time not reaching for the Hey Honey more than once a week. I really only need a physical exfoliator once a week at most so i know I shouldn’t but the scrub always leaves my skin feeling so fantastically soft that I have a hard time not reaching for it on a daily basis. it is too much of an exfoliant to be used daily, and I know that which is why I restrict myself. I don’t want to over exfoliate and cause more issues to my skin, but it is a really nice product.

And that is it for my skincare this week. The good, the not so great and the soon to be replaced. At the moment things are working well for me in the skin department. There are a couple of small breakouts on my chin, but part of that is hormonal and pat of it is that I tend to lean on my hand during editing so you can actually see where I spent a lot of time with my hand on my face. Don’t you just love when you know that you are actually the source of your own issues? But soon this round of editing will be done and the hand will leave the chin.

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