The Daily: August 10th, 2021

Today has been a day of running errands. I managed a walk on the gym treadmill early, but it was no where near as long as I wanted it to be. The balancing factor is of course that I was running around enough that there was no real lunch. I had a Clementine Smoothie this morning for breakfast and it has pretty much kept me going. (Smoothie box has several deals going at the moment. I’ll list them at the bottom of the post for those interested. I’m going to grab a Chomps Beef stick later (we picked up a box of the Cranberry Habanero as they were just yummy to both of us, even though I am still going through the Variety pack) to tide me over for dinner.

It is not how I like to deal with my meals, but today there were just too many things to get done in too many places in addition to the fact that I couldn’t control timing on a lot of them. One of my errands today was to trade in my regular driver’s license for a new TSA approved one. And timing at the DMV is really very variable. You go in and you are just there until they are done with you and release you back into the wild. I’m not sure if it is just Tennessee updating their system or not, but I know the new regulations go into effect later this fall. As I need my passport updated and I can’t update my passport without the new ID, it was a necessity.

I actually had to call the bank and phone companies to get paper copies of my bills to present along with my birth certificate. And then I had my birth certificate scrutinized because it is from a different state and looks nothing like the copies of Tennessee birth certificates. However after some consideration The Tennessee DMV was willing to accept that the State of NY is in the US. It probably would have taken less time had the person next to me not been protesting having his license taken away for a DUI when he had clearly only been drinking cough syrup. On the other hand my DMV clerk and I bonded over the fact that neither of us like the taste of cough syrup.

Which was just an odd conversation to have.

And an odd one to overhear.

But in the end my paperwork was approved and soon I can renew my passport.

Given the errands today’s look was super simple. In fact it is barely a look. In fact i went with the if I am wearing sunglasses and red lipstick maybe no one will notice I didn’t really bother with makeup look.

The Sunglasses are The Conners from Tomahawk’s Grasshopper line. (Tomahawk Shades currently has a by one get one free sale going on for first time buyers if you are looking for some nice sunglasses) I love the look of them and the fact that they are really light weight. While the light weight helps not dent makeup too much, today, it meant that I didn’t sweat all that much along the points where they touched skin. While the look is fantastic, I actually really like the green lenses. They block the sharpness of the light so I’m not squinting, but they also somewhat brighten the world with a green hue. It isn’t a Wizard of Oz Emerald City Green, but I really liked the effect when I was driving. In fact the green seemed to sharpen things rather than just add the shadows. I very much liked wearing them in the car. I also want to some light and color theory to find out why the green had the brightening effect while still filtering out the sun that made me squint. But that is just a me thing.

I was also happy with the lipstick. I went with a Ciate London Wonderwand Lippie in Ruby. (#368 is the code I believe, it is really small on the bottom of the tube)This is my first time wearing it and thus far it is wearing well. I’ll admit I haven’t eaten anything with it on, but thee aren’t any smudges on my water glass so that’s a plus. I may try it again tomorrow with actual makeup around it. Today, I just new any products I put on would just sweat off and make me look like an over heated candle. The heat mixed with the 90% humidity is not what you would call makeup friendly.

As for the hair, I feel I should apologize to my hair care products. I jumped into the shower after the gym, couldn’t stand the thought of the dryer and just tied it back before it could fully dry. this is how my bangs dry without the intervention of a comb and the drying mechanism of the open window in the car. So that is today. The DMV, The Library, several conference calls (sans video and actually mostly done in the car), the gym, eye doctor and dentist. It’s been a busy day but now I have TSA approved ID, an up to date contact lens prescription, no over due finds and I know that my mouth is healing well from the June surgery. quite the Tuesday extravaganza.

There are all sorts of deals for Smoothie Box right now. Below are some codes you may want to use if you are looking to stock up. Personally the Clementine are my favorite but the Berry runs a close second.

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