Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription August 2021

It is time once again for the Macy’s Beauty bag. This is a $15 subscription that generally comes with five or more products and often comes with a makeup bag. Some months the bag is replaced by something else (a travel supplement’s holder, a mini flat iron), but there is often a bag.

This month there is a bag. It is a stiff mesh bag with the words Golden Hour on it. It is a cute little bag. Oddly it reminds me of the bags my grandmother always put into her luggage for clean underwear. Worn underwear had a solid bag so no one could see the items within but the ones were always folded into a bag that looked a lot like this. It had a pink sipper and a blue mesh to the bag, but it was pretty much the same thing. The bag is actually very well constructed and who knows, perhaps on my next trip I will use it for my clean undies.

But as always it is the products inside that actually count.

The first item out of my August Beauty Box was the Mario Badescu Cleansing Oil. Now I have heard of the brand and even tried a couple of their products. I think I have a facial spray in my ‘to be tried out’ items. But to be honest, I have never been really impressed with the things I’ve tried. They seem okay, but not really worth the major hype they seem to get. But once I have worked my way through my Peach Pudding Makeup remover, I will need another cleanser to take its place so perhaps this is the product that explains to me why so many people seem to rave about the brand.

The second item in my beauty box this month was the GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. I have actually used this illuminating moisturizer before. It worked really well under a matte foundation to give it a little depth but it wasn’t very glowy. I remember liking the moisture level during the day but needing more at night. Mostly however I remember that is smelled like candy and every time I used it my babydoll thought I had some sort of hidden candy somewhere. I’d find him rummaging through my desk drawer looking for Smarties. I am happy to have another tube of this to use. I will also have to pick up some smarties to keep around while I am using it so that there are no disappointed faces thrown my way.

The Caudalie Vino Perfect Complexion Perfecting serum is one that I have used repeatedly and always enjoy seeing in a subscription box. This one is actually a fairly large sample. I have a couple of much smaller samples in my skin care drawer so I am not only happy to have this serum, but to have it in such a deluxe sample size.

The Coola Sunless tan I am a little less pleased about seeing. I like Coola Products in general. They make a very good sunscreen actually. And this year I have been trying out a few sunless tanning products, mostly on my legs so they match my arms, face and neck when I wear skirts. (I actually have a post about that coming soon.) But it seems strange to me to have a sunless tanning lotion in an August box. Also if you hold the Coola tube up to the light it is only about a third of the way full. Which means I might be able to get one leg, but not a second leg tanned with the amount of product in the tube. I might be able to blend out a bit of the farmer’s tan from my arms, but that is about it. So that was a bit disappointing.

There was a second makeup item in the bag this month and I have to say I was thrilled to see it. It is the Laura Geller Baked Highlighter. I have seen these before but never gotten around to trying them. According to the packaging it is designed to be all glow, no glitter. As the glitter is one thing I’m not a fan of in highlights, I am looking forward to giving this a bit of a test.

As with most of the Macy’s Beauty bags, this month there were two perfume samples. This month, they were both by Coach. One is Coach Blue and the other is Coach Dreams Sunset. Normally I wear perfume every day and so I tend to post a perfume review for any product I wear over a week. This summer has been so hot that for some reason I haven’t really felt like wearing perfume. So there have been several weeks with no scents decorating my wrists and neck. I am hoping the weather breaks soon so that I can get back to trying out and in general wearing perfumes more often. When I do, these will be in the line up to try out. Actually because Macy’s sends two samples more or less each month I have quite the line-up of products to try. Generally by the end of August, the heat will wane, or at least no longer feel obsessive enough that I avoid perfumes. Soon, my lovelies. Soon your scent will be released. Well some scent will be released. It might take me a while to work through all of them.

So that my darlings was this month’s Macy’s beauty bag. Over all, I was quite happy with my $15 bag. The sample sizes were decent sample sizes. The products are ones I am interested in trying. My only real complaint was with the mostly empty Coola and the sunless tan in August. Was it their most exciting bag? No. I’ve had months that were just fabulous with Macy’s. But it was all in all a pretty good bag. And as always, I am interested to see what they come up with next month because this is a subscription I am holding on to for a while.

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