Its a pore clearing extravaganza for Face Mask Friday

This week my plan was to use the three in one mask that came in this month’s Birchbox. It was interesting and it seemed to have everything; a scrub, a mask and a follow up toner. And I do love a good vitamin C mask. However my darlings, today is a day of clogged pores and I did end up using an exfoliator mid-week to help deal with the issues.

It was good, but it wasn’t enough.

That’s right, you know what is coming.

It is time for the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask to ride out of the skincare drawer and save the day. You can practically hear the horns blasting and the white charger thundering across the plains.

Or at least I can.

The pre mask face

As you can see from the before picture, my chin is looking especially rough. If you zoom in, I’m sure you can also see some bumpy texture along my upper cheek bones. I don’t advocate zooming in, but you feel free.

This mask is quite fantastic. But I admit, I don’t generally use it as a full face mask as I am doing today. More often I just use it as a spot treatment. I will typically add a stripe of the mask over the areas currently giving me problems.

It is a clearing mask in that it draws things to the surface so that they can be cleared away. What I’ve noticed is that when I apply it, reveling in the chocolate-y scent, it dries and feels like it is tightening. I’m pretty sure that is mostly the action of the clay drying. Once rinsed off, my skin can look a little blotchy but it will look like not very much has happened. About an hour after the mask has been removed I can actually see where things (mostly the clogs from pores) have been moved to the surface. Often my skin will look worse than it did before the mask was applied.

newly applied mask

I then go in with some Peace Out Acne Dots on some of the newly risen blemishes. Once they have done their job, I use a gentle physical exfoliate to clear away some of the debris and make my skin look better. Mostly this is a lengthy process. The exfoliator may not come into play until the next day. In fact it usually does come in the next day. So it is a process, but it works.

Key to the system is this lovely Herbal Dynamics Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Mask. Today I decided that as the sunscreen did a number on all of my skin, I would just go for the full mask instead of the spot treatment. If you have very sensitive skin, then I would suggest leaving the mask on no more than ten minutes. I generally go for fifteen, but I never go over fifteen. The mask tingles slightly, but mostly what I feel is the clay drying rather than any chemical tingle.

Can’t move mouth to smile…the mask goes light as it dries down

Once it is dry and I am ready to remove it, I loosen it up with some water and wash it off with a cloth. Even though I can’t help but inspect my skin as soon as it is removed, I know that there won’t be much change right away. There is sometimes a light redness to the skin in patches but it fades within a minute or so. If you are using this mask, dry your newly mask free face, leave the bathroom and don’t go near a mirror for an hour. Then, check out your skin to see what came up.

Then of course you get to deal with what came up. When you finish with the mask make certain the inner lid is in place and then tighten down the lid so that it doesn’t dry out. I’ve been using this mask for about four maybe five months and I am about half way through the jar. I tend to use it only when I need a good pore clear out and then, often only in places where it is needed (as mentioned above). However the mask is just as good as it was when I opened it (no drying out in the container) so I am confident I will get to use every drop of it.

Hopefully though it will be a while before I need to go full face with the clearing mask. As much as I like the mask, I prefer when my skin doesn’t need the extra assistance. I am however glad I know where I can find the help if I need it. I’m sure it is self-evident by this point a this is one of my favorite masks, but yeah, I will definitely be purchasing a replacement for this mask when the current jar is empty. It is a wonderful asset to have in my skin care arsenal.

This morning in my skincare line up, I included both a product from the Olay Regenerist line and as well as the current Crest product I am using. Lo and Behold what did I then see? Olay has a gift set that partners Olay with Crest. this weekend they have a limited time offer if you are interested in trying them out.

OLAY and Crest Gift Set – Regenerist Hydration Max Serum and Crest 3D Whitestrips

In addition, if you just want the whitestrips, Crest has a deal currently going for them as well.

$25 OFF Crest Crest 3DWhitestrips LED Light Kits – Code: AUG25OFFF

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