Weekly Weight: 217.2 lbs

The Scale: August 13th, 2021

This week was a little higher than last week, showing a gain rather than a loss. To be honest I am not that surprised. This week while I kept a good handle on my calorie intake, I had to switch up my work outs.

In my area the cases of infections have gone up and while my gym is now recommending masks, there is no real enforcement. After Monday’s visit I felt a little bit uncomfortable continuing my workouts. The social distancing is slipping, almost no masks and while there are quite a few conscientious people wiping down the machines after using them. There are also a lot of people who aren’t bothering to do even basic pre-pandemic wipe downs. Those people annoyed me before, now they worry me. I might be paranoid, but I decided to give the gym a little bit of a break until things settle down.

At the moment I am adjusting things as the heat means I am not walking outside as much as I was working out in the gym so I need to readjust my calories. I expected a little weight gain as I adjusted but I am glad that it was less than a pound. Hopefully I can readjust and get back to my slow and steady loss. While I don’t want to see a gain anytime I step on the scale I at least know why it is there and that it isn’t really a setback.

Luckily I still have my ProsourceFit weights and yoga mat so I can go back to incorporating my lockdown routines to make up for the lack of gym visits. It is nice to have a backup plan where fitness is concerned.

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The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 216.8 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 217.2 lbs

Change this week: +0.4 lbs

Total weight lost thus far: 28.8 lbs

So this week was a small gain that will be easily rectified and I will temporarily be bringing back my home workout routines and walking in the morning to make up for the lack of gym. With luck this next week will put me back on track.

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