Snack time: Chomps Jalapeno Turkey Stick

I feel like there ought to be a drumroll. Or at least a Renaissance Faire announcement horn. Maybe with a here ye here ye attached. As many of you may know I have been working my way through the Chomps Variety pack. While they do have a choose your own variety pack where you can decide what sticks you want in your variety box, this was the standard eight stick pack. It was sent over by Chomps for me to try.

I know I have said this a number of times, but I love variety packs, especially if it is a product that I can easily lean into one standard flavor. I have a tendency to find one thing that I like and then just reorder it because I know I like it, especially with snacks.

Which can get a little boring.

So variety packs help me personally overcome my own tendency to follow the tried and true and branch out into new flavors. Which is especially important in snacks. I know, some of you are thinking, ‘Mimsy, aren’t you trying to lose weight? Doesn’t snacking sort of add calories?’

I does, but good snacks help instead of hinder. To be honest I have never been a snacky person. The only real snacks in our house when I was growing up were apples, nuts, pretzel sticks and popcorn. Nuts were in ever present bowls that you just took one or two from in passing but never really sat down and ate, pretzels you were allowed to take a handful but no more and then popcorn was mostly for movie night. Usually after school featured an activity so the afterschool snack was usually an apple because if could be eaten moving about.

So snacking was never really a big part of my world.

Portion control at meal times has always been my issue. Incorporating an afternoon snack in my routine helps me keep my dinner portion under control. And here is the fun thing I have found. I don’t have to have a major calorie hot with the afternoon snack, but it does have to be something that feels satisfying and substantial, or it has to feel like a treat.

A square of dark chocolate feels like a decadent treat so I feel like I need to stay on my plan for dinner to make up for it. Snacks like the Chomps sticks feel substantial and I always finish feeling like I definitely ate something that will stick with me.

the variety pack

This Jalapeno Turkey Stick, the last stick to try out in the variety pack, is no different. It has only 60 calories and zero sugar, but it does pack 10 grams of protein. Perhaps it is the protein that makes it feel more substantial. Perhaps it is the snap as I bite thorough the outer casing and into the softer stick within. I do know that it is a satisfying snack that will make me feel comfortable staying with my designated dinner portion size.

But how does it taste? It has a good taste and oddly enough reminds me of thanksgiving. I think it is because for the last few years one of the people who comes to our thanksgiving table always brings jalapeno studded cornbread. This doesn’t taste of cornbread in the slightest (and to be fair her cornbread is really just enough batter to hold the mass of jalapenos together). I think it is the turkey paired with the Jalapeno that sends my brain in that direction.

I think it might be because other than that I have never paired turkey with jalapeno. It is a good combination and I think I might like it a little more than the regular turkey stick. They are both good, but part of the evaluation of the variety pack is to determine which sticks you would want to order a full pack of. To be honest, turkey (in general, not just in stick form) is not my favorite flavor. I really only have it at thanksgiving. I don’t really get it as sandwich meat or any other form throughout the year. I am a huge fan of the jalapeno though, which might explain why I like this better.

the darker spots are jalapenos

For those of you who are on the fence regarding spicy heat. This stick is labeled as medium heat and has jalapeno bits studded through it. (They are the dark spots you can see on the side of the stick. I would say that medium is definitely the right category for this heat level. It is present and you can find it warming on your tongue, but you can still taste all of the flavors as well as the heat. It isn’t blow the roof off hot, but it isn’t barely there either. It is a good medium heat.

Don’t you just love when things are labeled appropriately?

I once had something labeled medium spice that caused my eyeballs to sweat for three days. While I like heat, I don’t like the heat to cover the taste of what I am eating. I want flavor and not just heat. And this Jalapeno Turkey stick from Chomps does give me that. It is a great turkey flavor with a nice jalapeno heat. It also leaves me craving Martha’s jalapeno cornbread dipped in turkey gravy, but that is a personal peril and one that you might nit have. While I am on the fence about the turkey sticks, my babydoll has decided he really likes it so it will probably go on the order list for his side of the snacking stash.

And that my darlings is the last of the Sticks from the Chomps Variety pack. Each stick has been tasted, and quite frankly enjoyed. More than finding snacks I have learned that my taste and my babydoll’s tastes are similar in certain aspects but vary widely in others. There are some sticks, like the cranberry habanero beef sticks that we both like. There are some that I like and he isn’t partial to and some he likes that aren’t my favorite. I think my biggest surprise was tasting the Sea Salt Beef Stick. I would never have purchased it on my own, but I liked it better than the original beef stick, which even prior to this test I purchased from the grocery on a routine basis. Sometimes taking a chance pays off.

And if you are interested in trying out Chomps and any of their assorted flavors, whatever your tastes, they are currently having a sale. From now until August 23rd they are having a back to school sale. the promotion is 20% off sitewide with no code needed. While we did reorder the Cranberry habanero beef stick, we will probably be ordering another pack as they disappeared pretty fast. (My baby doll took a bunch to the office.) There will probably be a sit down tonight to go over the flavors and decide what to reorder now that the tasting is complete. These sticks are filled with only good stuff you can feel good about eating, for me they keep me happy and on track between lunch and dinner. They also make great slip into your back pack snacks for you or anyone going back to school or the office to take along. Neat, easy to eat, filled with goodness and delicious, what more could you want in a snack?


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