The Skincare Line Up: August 27th, 2021

Good morning my darlings it is time for the weekly skincare line up. this week was interesting actually. My plan was to rotate in several new products, many of them sample sizes so that i would have a chance to try them out and decide if i wanted to try out a full sized version before the cyber Monday/Black Friday sales arrive. I know it is hard to think of it when the sun is still beating down as though we are all strips of bacon in a giant frying pan, but soon it will be upon us.

I actually hoped to try out a few new products (or at least new to me) before the labor day sales arrived, but that didn’t go as planned. When I switch out products I like to give them each day or two to settle in before i rotate in another new product. That way I am not freaking my skin out all at once with a completely new line up and if my skin has a reaction I am better able to pin point where the reaction came from. This week I started out by swapping out my cleanser. I Rolled in the blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser from Glow Recipe. I decided at first to use it both morning and evening to see how it felt with out the Korres Cleanser backing it up. Then a couple of days later I added in the NaoBay moisturizer.

Then I woke up with breakouts dotting my chin and my skin feeling really greasy. I pulled both the cleanser an the moisturizer out of the line up and put the Korres and OSEA back in. The OSEA may not be my favorite but I knew I didn’t have any reactions to it and it was there. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly caused the break outs, but for now, both products have been pulled from the line up and I didn’t roll in any additional products. The NaoBay and Glow Recipe are still in the line up below as I did use them. Just know there was a bot of a shake up mid week.

In all fairness to the products in the skincare line up, I did also try out a new primer this week and it might have had some pore clogging issues as well.

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Blackberry and Green Tea Deodorant

Cleanser: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid62% Hydrating Serum

Eye Cream: ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturizer

Moisturizer: OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Okay, this daytime line up didn’t change much from last week, with the exception of the cleanser. I have used the Glow Recipe before and while the Blueberry Bounce wasn’t my favorite, I don’t remember it being this jelly like before. Perhaps it was and it has just been a long time since I used it. The cleanser comes out as a clear jelly. I don’t know how many out there remember the Strawberry Shortcake dolls that came out in the 1980s, but Strawberry Shortcake had a Blueberry Scented friend and this cleanser smells exactly like that doll. It is an artificial blueberry mixed with plastic sort of scent.

It is a bit odd, but to be honest, I kind of liked it.

while it claims to be a make up remover, it did nothing to remove my makeup. I could use the cleanser and anything that simply didn’t rinse off with water showed up on my toner pad. while I have tried this before and had no issues with it, I think that part of the reason for the breakouts might be partially related to not getting my face as clean as i am used to getting it. With the Korres Foaming cleanser I could get most of my makeup off even though it doesn’t claim to be a makeup remover. I still used a makeup remover but after using the Korres there wasn’t a streak of makeup left behind. The Glow Recipe claimed to be a makeup remover, didn’t remove the makeup and even with the separate makeup remover I had product left behind. I think not getting my face as clean might have been a part of this week’s issue. I think the other part was due to the moisturizer, but we’ll get to that in a moment (I put it with the night time skincare).

I hate for a post to be negative, but it really was only that product in the day time skin care that was the issue. Everything else worked fantastically. I’ve also been using many of the products for a while without any issues, so unless there was a product interaction, I think the cleanser might have been a problem.

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser from Peach Slices

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid62% Hydrating Serum

Eye Cream: ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturizer

Moisturizer: Naobay Detox Unpolluted Oxygen light cream

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

Night Mask: Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight repair serum

Toothpaste: Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean

Hey Honey Come Clean Propolis and Minerals Facial Scrub

There were a couple of changes here. I’ll start off with the Naobay. I started out using this moisturizer in both the day and evening. Despite the term light in the name, it is a thick cream and only a miniscule amount of product was needed. It took a long time to absorb into my skin and quite frankly left me feeling a bit on the greasy side. It also has a scent that is not unlike Play-doh. I suspect that it might not have been just the cleanser or the moisturizer that was to blame but a combination of the two. I don’t think I had an actual reaction to the products, but I think the not as cleansed as usual combined with the heavier than expected moisturizer did a tag team on my skin. My chin tends to be more oily than the rest of my face so it is sort of the canary in the coal mine reaction point for skin care. If my chin breaks out, i cease using the products and look into what is going on before it spreads. My plan is to spend the next week using products I know I work well with and get my skin back into good condition. Once in good shape, I’ll start rolling new samples to test back in. After all there is no reason to set a product up for failure by having something new deal with upset skin.

I did successfully trade out my lip mask this week. I opened the Laneige Lip Sleeping mask. *I have used it before and it was just as fabulous as it has been in the past. Just a little product on the adorable little spatula is all yu need and the next morning my sun dried lips were soft and fabulous. The last time i tried this I also tried the berry scent out as well. I would like to branch out and try more scents but that will take a while as I will be using this jar for a really long time.

Also this week there is no other skincare, just the addition of the Hey Honey exfoliator to the list of night time products. I finished the Ole Henricksen mask this week (review up next week) and I decided to just add the Hey honey exfoliator to the night instead of having it stand on it’s own. I only used it once this week and I really enjoyed it, as i always do. It is a nice formula that isn’t too harsh and smells yummy.

Everything else in my Night time line up worked like a champ. i have no complaints about it. Admittedly I spent most of my time thinking about the products causing issues this week. Over the weekend I am going to do a deep ingredient dive and try to find out if there was an ingredient that irritated the skin or if it was just greasy clogged pores. All I know is that this coming week, I am going to focus on some familiar favorites as incoming products in order to clear up my skin and make it happy once again.

Some Labor Day Weekend Sales:

20% off ESPA Products. I know i didn’t say much about it this week because i was focused on the problem products, but the ESPA eye cream in my current line up is fantastic. Use code LABORDAY5 to get the 20% off Discount.

Elf Cosmetics

Summer End of Season Sale! 60% Off!


Enjoy a free full-size mascara of your choice with a $60 purchase. Offer valid 8/23-8/31.

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