Unboxing the August 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

To be honest as it is nearly the end of the month, I wasn’t sure I should post the unboxing. I don’t believe August’s box is still available to order. However I thought that for anyone who is trying to decide if they want to start a Look Fantastic Subscription, the post might be of interest. I believe if you order now you would be getting the September Look Fantastic Box, but check the website to be certain before you click on the buttons, if you decide to sign up. There is a spoiler for the September box and it is the By Terry Baum De Rose Flaconnette. Which looks basically like a lip gloss. It has a value of $14 so I don’t think it is a full size but a deluxe sample.

The box itself costs $19 per month, less if you have a longer subscription. As I generally enjoy this box quite a lot I do have an annual subscription and pay $17 per month. while some months are of course better than others, I always find something I really like in this box.

Currently Look Fantastic has a Labor day Sale going on in their on-line store : 20% off with the code LABORDAY.

And I know with autumn just beginning, not everyone has shifted into holiday mode yet, but The Look Fantastic Advent Calendar pre ordering begins September 1st (this Wednesday). It is always a fantastic Advent Calendar. Last year it included items from Molton Brown, Natasha Denona, Elemis and Charlotte Tilbury if I am not mistaken. It does lean more towards skincare, but there are still several makeup items in the calendar. If you are looking for an advent calendar this year, The Look Fantastic one is one I would recommend. Last year they sold out in pre order and never made it for general release, so you might want to keep an eye out or sign up for reminders on the site if you are interested in picking this up.

But on to the August Box.

The first item in this month’s box I smelled before I even saw it. It is the Bubble T Rhubarb and Custard Bath Fizzer. I have tried several bubbleT products and have liked them all actually. And it is getting to the time of year when I start thinking about restocking my bath supplies. As much as I love baths, in the summertime, I stick to showers. the thought of sitting in a bath in the summer here rarely even crosses my mind. All of the bath related items I have gotten from Subscriptions have been set aside in anticipation of the cooler fall weather. I love bath time in the cooler temps and I also love the scent of this bath fizzer. I am very much looking forward to the first soak of the season and as I have not yet restocked any of my bath fizz yet, then I am glad to have at least one on hand.

The second item in my box was a makeup item. It is the Ciate London Glow to Illuminating blush. I really enjoy Ciate London’s products and I currently have two blushes in use from the brand. One is also from the Glow to line and came in last month’s Glossy Box. If this is a different shade, I will keep it and happily use it. If it is the same shade, I will be passing it along. It is a really good formula and I am pleased to see it. Even if it is one that I have, I know I can pass it on to someone who will love it.

The third item I will be passing on. It is the AHAVA smoothing body lotion with Kale and Turmeric. For me I find AHAVA to be good. I generally like them. In fact I have tried this body lotion and liked it quite a lot. My mom on the other hand LOVES the brand. They are her go-to brand for skincare items and she is always delighted with them. So since I like them but am not in love with them, I tend to pass all AHAVA products that come my way unopened in her direction. So even though this one isn’t for me, I know it will be absolutely loved.

The next item we come to is the Filorgia Age Purify Intensive Serum. I actually have an eye cream from the brand in my collection of eye creams to try out. For a stretch of time every subscription box had eye creams in it (or at least it felt that way) so I am slowly working through them. The Filorga one is rather large so I wanted to clear out some of the smaller tubes first before settling into a trial with it. I have heard fantastic things about them and am happy to have a serum from the brand to try out as well. I look forward to putting that into my skincare rotation.

The Skimonos Radiance Recovery eye Sheet Mask will be used very soon. It is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and puffiness. Right now grass pollen is high in my area so puffy eyes are kind of my standard. As my workouts included walks on the walking trail I have been using eye masks post walk and pre makeup for the last few weeks to sooth my eyes. I am always happy to try out a new mask for the under eye, especially at this time of year.

And this finally brings us to the Glov Mask remover. It is a microfiber cloth sewn into a square with a pocket for your hand. Apparently it is supposed to remove masks with water. Like a Makeup Eraser for masks, I suppose. I’ll have to give it a try with this week’s masks and see how it performs. If it works well I will be happy to welcome it into my collection of beauty tools. I’ll have to get back to you on it’s performance.

So that was this month’s Beauty Box from Look Fantastic. It was later than expected. However, Look Fantastic did send me an e-mail telling me it was going to be late and then kept me updated on the progress of the box. In addition because it was so late they ended up crediting me $10 in the Look Fantastic Store. So I am okay with this month being a little late. I am disappointed that it didn’t come early enough for me to share it with you in time for you to order it for yourselves if you were interested, but I am not disappointed in the contents.

For me, this month’s beauty box worked. The Bath Fizzer is timely as I am just beginning to restock my bath time products for the up coming cooler weather. The eye mask is needed as allergies are in full season and I end up using eye masks almost daily at this time of year. Two of the items I will be passing on, not because I don’t like them but because I know they will be better loved elsewhere. The final two products I am excited to try out. So over all I am happy with this box. And the one benefit of it coming so late is that hopefully it will seem like no time at all before the September box arrives.

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