Snacktime: Verb Energy Salted Peanut Butter Bar

As everyone knows by now, I tend to have a snack in the mid-afternoon as part of my attempt to stay on track with my meal plan. The thing is with dinner, I often make several extra portions and then either plan to have left overs the following day or we will freeze the extra portions for a meal on a day when things are too hurried to cook.

I find this helps me when things get crazy. I like knowing that if all else fails I have healthy meal that just needs to be thawed out .

All of this planning can go haywire though if I decide that maybe instead of just my portion, I’ll have a portion and a half. this is where the small snack comes in. A small snack can make me feel like I don’t need more than my portion size. It can also make me feel as though I have had a treat.

Now, from previous posts I think all of you know I also love variety packs.

So with the Verb Energy bars, I went and ordered the trial pack from Verb Energy. It has four bars in it, each a different flavor. For this it was especially important for me to be able to try all of the flavors. Mostly because I had no idea what the Verb energy Bars would taste like.

Here is what I knew. The Verb energy bars are: gluten free, vegan certified and Non- GMO. They have 90 calories and as much caffeine as an espresso. Each pack of twelve costs $19.95. There were bundles where there were a few different flavors included, but it seems like you really would just have to order a twelve pack of the same flavor. Which makes knowing what flavor I like before I order an even more important thing.

Ninety calories is well within my snack time caloric budget and there are plenty of afternoons where an extra hit of caffeine would be appreciated. So I ordered the trial pack. This sampler is a four pack containing four different flavors. Oddly enough when I went back to the site I couldn’t find it. I think that might be because I had to create an account to order the trial packet and so the site records that I’ve already ordered it. It did show that you could get a trial four pack of each flavor though. The links in this post are just to the general Verb energy Site. They aren’t affiliate links. I just came across this and it looked like something interesting to try.

o as with all trial packets, I am going to try one at a time and offer my thoughts on the bar.

it broke as I was taking it out of the package

The first bar I chose was the Salted Peanut Butter. The bar is the perfect size for a mid-afternoon snack. It was surprisingly soft. I think looking at the pictures I expected it to be a harder consistency. i don’t mind the soft texture, I was just surprised.

This salted peanut butter bar tasted exactly like a no bake peanut butter cookie. It tasted like peanut butter mixed with oats. It isn’t bad but it was somewhat rich. It made me, oddly enough, want to eat it with a cup of coffee. While it wasn’t salty to taste, I found that while I was drinking it I became incredibly thirsty. According to the label the ingredients are…

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Organic Agave, Peanuts, Organic Crisp Brown Rice, Organic Quinoa, Organic Light Brown Sugar, Natural Flavors, Vanilla Extract, Organic Green Tea Caffeine, Pink Himalayan Salt

It isn’t a bad ingredient list, in fact I rather like it. But it was incredibly rich, made me very thirsty and tasted exactly like a no bake peanut butter cookie. I wanted either a glass of clod milk or a cup of black coffee to balance it out.

I think that this flavor is just not for me. In concept, the flavor should be fine for me, but in reality it falls short. I like the ingredients list though. I like the calories and the concept of a caffeinated afternoon snack. I just don’t think this flavor works for me. I still have three more flavors to try so hopefully one of them will be more to my taste. But I can definitely cross the Salted Peanut Butter from Verb Energy off of my list of snack time treats. I will not be reordering it.

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