Weekly Weight: 216.0 lbs

The Scale: September 10th, 2021

Okay, dep breath in, deep breath out.  Let any lingering frustration go.  In case you are looking at the number listed on the scale pic above and are thinking, wait, that looks familiar, yeah…It didn’t change.  I hit 216 and then had a week where I didn’t get much exercise.  The scale stayed the same.  This week, I got more exercise and watched my calories and…the scale stayed the same. 

But I am not panicking. 

Even though I put more effort in this week, I am a bit on the bloated side and I generally put on a little water weight during my period.  Usually, it is one to two pounds so there is the possibility that the equilibrium on the scale is not to be long term.  There is the possibility that it is only temporary water weight gain.

And yes I know that sounds like justification but the truth is it is me trying not to freak out about hitting the 216 plateau again and not finding a way off.  So the justification is more of a talking myself down out of potential panic mode. It’s just the 216 trigger.  This is generally where I get and then things don’t go anywhere so I freak out, give up and gain a few (or more) pounds back and have to fight it off again. 

It is a cycle I want to break.  So I am not going to be bothered that I didn’t lose weight this week, I am just going to focus on staying the course. The scale is a tool, not the end all be all. And aside from feeling a bit bloated, I actually feel pretty good this week. There was no food craving rampage and no slumping off instead of doing my exercising. I am good. I feel good and most importantly I am going to keep going and not let this slow me down.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 216.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 216.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost this far: 30.0 lbs

Some days the scale just isn’t with you. But like I said, I feel good so I am going to go with the more holistic impression this week. Although I might keep my fingers crossed for a better scale view next Friday. The scale may not be the definitive answer, but it is nice to see it move.

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