Unboxing the Look Fantastic September 2021 Beauty Box

Okay, everyone take a deep breath.  Guess what arrived?  My Look Fantastic Beauty Box for September.  I know!  It has been so late the past few months I wasn’t actually expecting it.  I received the e-mail saying it was on its way with the date to be updated later.  Then the next morning the box was on my doorstep.  When I looked back at the tracking info the site claims that it should arrive at my place sometime next week. 

So there are still some crossed wires in the system, but hey I got my box before the end of the month. So I’m happy. 

I’ll be honest, when I opened the box I looked inside I thought, hmm, not the greatest month.  I saw an eyeliner, a couple of tubes and a face mask.  Not the most exciting things in the world.  And then I took a deeper look.  The more I actually looked at the box, the more excited I became. 

Let’s start with the one thing I was happy to see at first glance.  It was the Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask. There are three brands of hair products that Look Fantastic introduced me to that are now in my list of favorites: Percy and Reed (I always have a tube of their Wonder Balm), Grow Gorgeous (Any time I see the shampoo and Conditioner from the Intense Line on sale I stock up, it is rapidly becoming the shampoo I use when I am not testing other shampoos) and Christophe Robin.

I know, if you look at my older posts I was a bit down on the Christophe Robin sea Salt Scalp scrub.  Then I realized I was using it wrong and now, it is on my top ten list.  If you are having a dull hair week or you think that you have too much buildup of other products on your scalp, pick up a jar of this and take one day out of your week, use the scalp scrub instead of shampoo and really lather it up and massage the scalp.  It does wonders for the hair and removes build up from the scalp.  After, I generally use a hair mask as a conditioner to the scalp scrubs shampoo.  Lately I’ve been reaching for either the Klorane Nourishing moisture mask or the Mane Club’s Cry Baby mask. They both pair well.  Since I now have a Christophe Robin Mask to try out I may pair it with the Christophe Robin scalp scrub and see how that works.  So first product in I am super excited about.

The second item I expected to be disappointed by.  It is an eyeliner by 3inA. Even though it has a brown packaging there are so often black eyeliners of all varieties in subscription boxes that I find it really hard to get excited about them.  This is not black it is brown.  And it has a really fine felt tip pen tip.  And it applies smoothly and the swatch lasted on my hand overnight without smudging.  I finally had to put a dab of makeup removing oil on my hand to get it off.  Then it came off well, but I had to deliberately remove it.   I may have to give this one a chance.  I’ll admit, I haven’t really been wearing eyeliner for a while.  Part of it really is the season.  It is hot and humid where I am and eyeliner can melt with sweat or get smudged as I squint in the bright light. So in the summer I almost always skip it. 

But summer is ending.

And it isn’t a black eyeliner.  I am actually quite happy to give this a go.

And then came the third item.  It is the Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant.  I’ll admit, I saw it, thought body scrub and was inclined to move on.  Not that I don’t like body scrubs, but in general they aren’t that exciting. Except this one is.  It isn’t just a take into the shower and scrub down kind of body scrub.  It is formulated for bumpy and really dry skin.  While they say it is good for relieving the ‘chicken skin’ look, I have a patch of overly dry skin that I have been trying to deal with for years.  It is on my left forearm and it drives me crazy.     Apparently this is something you put on, scrub with and then let sit for a few minutes before washing off.  I’ve never heard of this product before and it is quite a great deal more interesting than I thought it was at first sight.  I don’t know if it will help me out, but I am very eager to give it a try. 

This leads us to the next tube of cream in this month’s box.  It is the SVR Palpebral Cream.   I have heard of SVR before, in fact I have a moisturizer sample in my collection that I have yet to try.  I have to admit I did have to look up the word Palpebral.  It turns out it is a word that means the upper and lower eyelid.  See, we all learned something.  Unless of course you already knew that and then you my darling deserve a gold star. It is not just an eye cream but an eye cream that you can use to reduce redness and irritation around the eyelids.  It also has hyaluronic Acid, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 inside.

I’ll be honest, I know that Omega 3,6, and 9 are used for improving heart health.  My mother has heart issues and those are all things she looks for (and has for years) so they are familiar to me.  What they do to the skin around the eyes, I don’t know.  I’ll have to look it up before I open this product to use.  Because you know anything with Hyaluronic acid in it the fine lines around my eyes are down for. And sadly I picked up my ESPA eye cream this morning and it is really starting to feel light. It isn’t empty yet and eye creams only need a little with each application, so I still have a while.  I just hate to see it end as it is such a good eye cream.  Still it is nice to have something interesting waiting in the wings.

The face mask was the next item in the box this month and it is an anti aging sheet mask from Beauty Prcy.  I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I am always willing to try a new mask.  This one is infused with Collagen, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.  I am not entirely certain that the collagen does anything.  I know it is a good thing in general, but I don’t think it can be absorbed topically. I’m not entirely certain of that though and will need to look into it.  Most of what I was researching about collagen was based on the efficacy of the collagen supplements for hair and nail health. So I wasn’t looking at topical applications at the time.  But again, I would have only been a side note.  I’ll have to investigate (if only for my own piece of mind).  I do know that despite the collagen and its absorption, my skin loves both Vitamin C and Aloe Vera so I suspect I will like this mask in general.

And finally we come to the last item in the box.  It is a By Terry Nourishing lip balm.  I have had one of these before and it is an interesting product.  The Shea butter and Vitamin E mean that my lips love it.  The intense Rose scent is, however a lot to take in.  You really need to love Rose to use this lip balm.  It feels fantastic and my lips are always healthier after a stint of using it.  But that rose.  It is intense.  If you love rose, great, you have found the very best of lip balms.  I’ll be honest, I like rose, but not enough to use this consistently.  I do have a use for it though.   It is the best anti-snacking device I have found.

I know, you laugh.  But if I think I want a snack and then apply this lip balm, I instantly don’t want a snack.  The rose scent is strong enough that it instantly kills any desire I have to eat anything. And when I lick my lips, the rose flavor kills any part of what remained of my thoughts about food.  It is simply so rose forward that rose is the only thing you can think of.  And while I enjoy flowers, smelling them rarely makes me want to eat.  I know that is a strange thing to say about a lip balm but quite frankly it is strange to have a lip balm that heavily scented with rose.  It does amazing things for the lips.  But it has a scent that has to be taken into account when you use this product.  For me, it is an amazing snack mode killer with the side benefits of loft luscious lips.  Quite honestly, I’m okay with that.  Will it be my new fave?  No, but since it is here, I will use it.  I suspect this holiday season everyone I k now is going to make up for skipping out on last year.  And sometimes my diet could use a little back up.

So that was this month’s Look Fantastic box.  I’ll admit, when I opened it, I wasn’t that impressed.  The more I looked at the actual products, the happier I became.  Was this worth the $19 subscription price?  Yes it definitely was and I am very happy to try out pretty much all of these products.  I may wait until the weather cools just a little bit for the eyeliner and I’ll wait until my current eye cream is finished, but everything will be used.  And I even found a couple of things I want to research.  And we all know, I love my research. So two thumbs up Look Fantastic.  This turned out to be a great box.

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