Face Mask Friday Déjà vu

Good afternoon my darlings. Today’s Face mask Friday is going to sound very familiar. Last week I used the Charcoal Cacao Face mask from Annmarie Skincare. And while I wore it I chopped up the onions for what i thought would be the happy hour treat my babydoll and I would enjoy.

The treat was not to be, the onions used elsewhere.

This week I am once again using the Charcoal Cacao Face Mask from Annmarie Skincare and yes, I am once again chopping onions while it sits upon my face. the onions are of course because I am going to be making the treat that got waylaid by events out of my control last week and therefore need the chopped onions.

The mask repeat is for several reasons.

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The first is that it is a sample size mask with only two uses worth of product in it. I felt that it was better to go ahead and use it rather than have the one mask use left in the container get lost in the drawer. Plus I have this bad habit. If I know there is a mask I really like using but think that I have too many masks in my drawer I will hold on to the last of a mask for far too long. I think that because I know I need to use up several in progress masks before I purchase any new ones, the ones I know I really want to repurchase, I don’t want to run out of.

I know, it is a stupid habit and I am trying very hard to break myself of this tendency. So even though I really, really like this mask, I am using the last of it up rather than saving it. Incidentally this mask sample is part of a trio of sample products you can order from Annmarie Skincare.

the empty container

This mask sample came with the Pearl Brightening Mask Sample and the Kaolin Exfoliating scrub sample. You pay for the sample pack, but then they give you a coupon with your sample purchase that you can put towards a full sized purchase. The only trouble with me is that most of the samples I try end up being products I want in the full size.

all of my favorite masks make me look like a demented bank robber

Annmarie Skincare just makes really good products. They do a lot of wildsourcing for ingredients as well as using organic ones. So I feel really good about using the products as well as just plain liking the products.

One of the other reasons that I decided to go ahead and use the second mask this week is due to my skin. I had a spate of break outs I’ve been working with and a large number of them have cleared up. This mask is very good at bringing some of the clogged pores to the surface to be dealt with. It is a little bit gentler a process than the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clearing Mask. That one is great when there are a lot o clogged pores and dull skin issues. This week I have been using other products and a lot of my issues have cleared up. This mask is more of a coaxing out of the last of the deep clogs.

I love both masks, I just thought that this week the Annmarie Skincare mask would suit my skin’s needs better.

the mask cloth after washing, slight staining from the charcoal

Since we are repeating a lot of last week’s info, I thought you might like an update on my Glov mask removal cloth. You may remember that this Charcoal Cacao Mask from Annmarie Skincare came with a warning that it might stain your washcloth. Dark wash cloths were recommended. I received the Glov mask removing cloth in a subscription box and wanted to try it out. Since it is only going to be used for masking whether or not it stained was irrelevant. It will only be used by me to take off face masks. No company come visiting will ever be horrified by the state of it.

After using it last time, the cloth was noticeable stained. I rinsed out a lot of the mask stain in the sink and when I did laundry, the mask cloth went into the laundry. I didn’t do any extra washing to it, it was just in the laundry. And yes the cloth stained. For me, I used a cloth I don’t mind staining. If you have an old wash cloth where you don’t mind stains, then this is the mask to use that cloth for removing. Just be aware that it does in fact stain the cloth.

If you consider that a drawback, then it is quite frankly the only one I have found with this mask. I really love using it and have placed it on my to be ordered again soon list. I’m pretty sure it actually trumps the Annmarie Mud Mask which I have consistently ordered once a year for the past few years. I suspect that next time I go on the site to order a mask, this is the one I will be putting in my cart. At the moment it is actually 10% off so I may be ordering it sooner rather than later. Admittedly there is the possibility that both masks will end up in my cart. But what can I say, I love masks.

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