Unboxing the September 2021 Boxycharm Premium Box

This weekend a lot of packages arrived as the September subscriptions managed to make it through the postal system.  For some reason almost all of my packages decide that Smyrna, TN was THE place to be and no one wanted to leave the party early.  I’m not certain why, but every one of my packages spent a long time in Smyrna.  But thus far all but Glossy Box have made it out of Smyrna.  For some reason, despite being the first subscription box I received a tracking number for this month, it is the last one to actually leave Smyrna.  According to the post, it is still there. But that is another story.

This is a post about the September Boxy Charm Premium Subscription box.  It is the $35 subscription tier.  I have actually tried all of the subscription tiers for Boxy Charm.  They have the Base, the Premium and the Quarterly Luxe. Over all I decided the box that consistently had the products I most enjoyed was the Premium category.  So that is the one I kept.  It has been, over all a pretty good category for me.  Plus, Boxy Charm has really great add ons and Pop up stores so if there is an item that appeared in one of the other boxes that I am upset about missing out on, I can usually find it in the add ons and pick it up there at a deep discount.  In the premium category you receive six full sized items for your $35. You get to choose two of them.

Let’s start with the two items I chose. 

The first of these was the bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra Smoothing Lipstick.  (Retail $20) I picked out the shade Perception from the shades listed and I think this is going to be a fantastic berry shade to take me into the fall and winter.  There is just something fabulous about a deep shade of lip in the colder months.  I have a couple to the Mineralist lipstick and I really like the way they perform.  It is a bullet style lipstick (as opposed to a liquid lip) but it is long wearing.  The best part though is how my lips feel after wearing it.  My lips always feel super nourished even when the color wears off.  I am a big fan of this lipstick and I am happy to have this in a shade I will use. 

I’m also happy I got to pick the shade I wanted.  For some reason subscription boxes favor sending light pink shades that just don’t suit me all that well.  But this is a fantastic shade.

The second item I chose was the Laura Mercier Soothing Eye makeup remover. (retail $ 27).I am actually almost out of eye makeup remover and needed to reorder.  I’ve been stretching the last of my Klorane Coneflower waterproof eye makeup remover as far as it will go because it is currently the only Klorane product I am not well stocked on and I like to place an order for multiple products to save on shipping.  I forgot to include it in the list when I ordered several dry shampoos. 

I’m kind of kicking myself on that because I actually added an extra dry shampoo to the order to bump up the cost for free shipping when I could have just added the eye makeup remover.    Not that the extra dry shampoo will go to waste, but that isn’t the point.  Anyway, I hope that this works well.  I’ve had pretty good luck with Laura Mercier products before.  So hopefully this will work well for me. 

The third item in this month’s box is also quite timely.  This month I received the Verb Ghost Oil (retail $18).  I actually used this all of last winter and absolutely love it.  Verb is a really good hair care brand in general, but I really like their Ghost Oil.  In the winter, the top layer of my hair kind of dries out a bit due to central heating issues and I get loads of little hairs sticking out all over the place.  Just a little spritz and a quick comb and the hair is tamed without looking greasy.  It is very light weight and it is a product I was actually getting ready to reorder for my winter supplies.  I was actually debating between it and Moroccanoil (the light oil is my favorite, despite having thick hair).  Those tend to be the two hair oils I use and I tend to trade off. Since I now have this Ghost oil, I will use the bottle and when it runs out I’ll order the Moroccanoil to replace it.

Next up in the premium box this month is the Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Mist.  (retail $34). In the summer time I generally stock up on Avene Thermal water because it is just super fabulous on the skin when I come in from the garden or in from any time out in the sun really. But I tend not stock it as much in the winter.  Which is silly, as my skin could really use the moisture in the winter, probably more so than in the summer.  This spray has vitamins B3, C, D and E as well as antioxidants mixed in with the moisturizing nature of the spray so perhaps it will be of use this winter.  The only thing I have tried from Bloom Effects is the night mask.  I tried using it and while I loved it, the mask had too much moisture for my summer skin so I set it aside for when the weather changed.  Soon the weather will hopefully be changing and I can get that back out.  It will be nice to try something else from the brand though.

This month I received the Milk and Honey Highlighter Palette from Beauty Bakerie. (retail $38).  I have seen a lot of Beauty Bakerie Products around and I always like the packaging and the names, but I have never actually tried anything from them before.  Even when they were in subscription boxes they never made it into my variation. 

I like the colors of these highlighters and they swatch really well.  I am happy I get to try out the brand and I am thrilled that there is a second makeup product in this month’s box.  Recently all subscription boxes seem to be going heavy on skincare and it is nice to see this month my Boxycharm Premium was not overly skincare heavy.

And now there is one final item in my Boxycharm this month and it is the Complex Culture Beauty Sonic 1-bar facial massager.  (retail $58). For those that don’t know, Complex Culture is a brand owned by IPSY and is frequently in IPSY boxes.  This past year IPSY bought Boxycharm.  So I suppose it is natural that there is a Complex Culture product migrating into Boxycharm.  I actually own this product as it came in an IPSY box several months ago.  It is a well-crafted skincare tool. The one in the picture is the one I have.  The one that came in the box is going to be passed on unopened.  (In case you are wondering why the tool isn’t looking perfectly new). To be honest, this isn’t my favorite tool.  The powerful vibrations are nice, but that bar is just a little too hard.  I much prefer the rounded quartz of the nearly identical tool we received last month from Boxycharm.  To be honest, getting this tool kind of annoys me.  It isn’t that it is an IPSY brand or that I already have one.  It is more that I just received something so similar the month before that kind of bothers me.  I think I would be less irritated if they waited a couple of months and then put it into the box.

Still it is a minor irritation and I know exactly who I am going to pass it along to so it isn’t really a problem.  It was just the one clunking note in this box.  Quite honestly, I really liked this month’s Boxy Charm Premium.  The products are ones I will use and that I like.  I have a couple of items that I get to try out to learn more about the brands as well as a couple of favorites. The categories varied enough that I don’t feel like I am getting buried under one type of product.  Over all I really enjoyed this month.

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