Unboxing the Macy’s Beauty Box for September 2021

Usually this is one of the first subscriptions I unbox in the month.  This month, it took a really long time to get to me.  Like everything else, it seemed to enjoy hanging out in the Smyrna post office.  One day I may just drive over to Smyrna just to find out what the attraction is.  I’m sure it is fabulous but I only know it as a dot on the map and the place where my packages get tied up in the system. 

Macys Beauty box is a $15 per month subscription.  They tend to lean towards more high end products most months and Quite frankly that is one of the reasons I really like them.  In the beauty box I have gotten several products that interested me but that I wasn’t willing to just pick up to try because of the price.  The strength of this subscription box is that you can try those pricy items before you commit to a full sized product.  I find it helps me save both money and waste less product. 

The one thing you have to remember about this subscription is that it tends to charge on the 27th of the month.  So the charge for September’s box hit my bank account on August 27th. Since most subscriptions tend to charge on the first, it is something to note.

With the beauty box each month there are generally two perfume samples.  This month they are from Carolina Herrera One is Very Good Girl and the other is Bad Boy.  Now that the heat is lessening, I will be going back to my perfume reviews so I will put these in the line up to be worn for a week.  Even though one may be targeted at men, I generally find that many of the men’s scents I tend to like more than the women’s so it will make the line up.

This summer was just so hot and humid that I found myself avoiding reaching for the perfume.  I just didn’t want to wear it.  I think the most I did with my perfume collection this summer was dust the bottles.  As a result I have loads of perfume samples to try out.  Which should keep me busy until next summer actually. I even had to put my Scent Box subscription on pause until I went through more products. Which makes me a little sad as I really like them. I just need a chance to use more of the product up before I have more coming in. This was just not the summer of scent.

The first think I noticed when I opened my box this month was a card that said Oops, we had to make a substitution.  The substitution in question was with the sheet mask.  In the pamphlet that comes with the box, the sheet mask depicted is the Tony Moly I’m Hemp Calming Sheet Mask

The one I received is the Hydrating I’m Lavender sheet mask from Tony Moly.  I’ve actually used both before and enjoy both of them.  The substitution doesn’t actually bother me and I am happy to have the hydrating Lavender.

The second item is the Clarins Extra Firming Energy day cream.  I am actually really excited to try this out.  I really like having a separate day cream and a night cream in my skincare routine.  I generally find that the products I like at night are too heavy for the day and the ones I like in the day aren’t enough at night.  I know, it’s a simple equation.  So I generally end up with two moisturizers in my skincare line up.  And I am a big fan of Clarins products.

The next item in this month’s beauty bag is the Mineral Fusion Nail lacquer Sea salt Nail Polish.  And yes I did say sea salt nail polish.  Which is a new one on me.  It is a very light pink colored polish which isn’t my favorite color and one that a lot of subscription boxes send.  But I do find the nail polish interesting enough that I am looking forward to trying it.  As with perfumes, I don’t use a lot of nail polish in the summer time.  I just spend too much time in the garden for it to be worth the time. I generally tend to use nail strengtheners and cuticle oils throughout the summer and then paint my nails again in the fall.  I have never heard of this nail polish before and look forward to giving it a go.

The last two products in this month’s beauty bag are both lip products.  And we all know I love lip products.  Which is why I just had to do a major lip product declutter.  The first of the lip products is a Clinique Almost lipstick in Black honey

It swatched on my hand as a tinted gloss.  The second lip product is the bareMinerals Mineralist Gloss balm.  I love the color and I really like the bareMinerals Mineralist line.  I have lipsticks and lip glosses from them and really enjoy the products.  I am always happy to have lip products from bareMinerals. 

Clinique swatch on top, bareMinerals swatch on bottom, neither are highly pigmented

Finally we have the bag that the beauty items came in.  It is a purple-y green iridescent makeup bag.  It is the clam shell style and the zipper opens most of the way down the bag so it can be opened really wide.  For a small bag, it is actually surprisingly large inside and the large zippered opening makes it convenient for putting larger products in. 

It is actually the perfect size for an overnight makeup bag.  And personally I love the fact that it has a flat bottom and can stand upright on it’s own.  That makes it so much easier to work with when you are getting ready in a hotel bathroom. 

I really liked this month’s selection of products.  All of them are items I will use ad the Clarins was a moisturizer I was studying to see if I wanted to give it a go so I am extra happy about receiving it. Over all it is a good selection of products.  I would probably have chosen to replace one of the lip products with something else instead of getting two lip products in the same bag, but as I like both of them and will use them it is just a minor observation and nothing that really has me concerned.   But then again, I do have a weakness for lip products. In general I have to say I am happy with my $15 subscription this month and definitely plan to keep the Macy’s beauty box around for a while.

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