Lips and Lather September 2021 Unboxing

I know my darlings, you thought that the unboxings for September were over. But even as I am contemplating letting several subscriptions go in the future, I am always on the look out for a few fun and fabulous ones. I came across this one and thought it sounded like something fun to try. So the last subscription review for the month is a brand new to me one.

Lips and Lather is a rather easy to understand subscription. For $13 you receive a lip balm and handmade artisan soap. They do ship world wide but it costs more if you are out of the country ($25 for international). Hence the name Lips and Lather. I really just came across the site looking for some Birthday soaps for my mother and saw the subscription box and went, “Oh that could be fun to try.”

I know, sometimes it is extremely easy to get me.

The company is a small business called Cut the Crap Organics. There is a short bio about the owner, Krista, on the About page but it doesn’t give a whole ;lot about the company.

The Lip Balm

On their website they have a lip balm for sale for $3.50 so I am guessing that is the retail price for the lip balm in the subscription. Their handmade soaps sell for $10 on the site. They have other organic products as well, but I mostly focused on the soap and lip balm. Honestly, it is a good price for both items and the subscription gives you a small discount off retail price, plus there is no added shipping or tax, you just pay the $13.

The subscription charges the day you order it and pretty much from then on, that is the day the subscription renews. At least that is how it seemed on the site. As this is my first month, I’ll keep you updated if that proves not to be the case. I kind of like that because you can choose more or less when you want the subscription to charge and or arrive. Most of my subscriptions charge at the beginning of the month (although when they arrive is anyone’s guess at this point) so for me it is nice to have something mid month.

There are a couple of discounts currently on the site at the moment:

The soap

-Free Shipping to the US on all orders over $35.00, Get one FREE Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Balm: Add to cart and use code PSLTIME through the month of September and take 20% off all Handmade Soap with code SUMMERSALE

I have to say quite a few of their soaps look interesting as well as several of their other items listed, but for now we’ll focus on the soap and lip balm.

The card enclosed gives the theme for the September box as “the indulgent last breakfast before you take the healthy foods only” approach to your meals. So the lip balm is in the scent Blueberry Muffin. The lip balm itself is white with no color to it. It smells a bit blueberry and for an odd reason reminds me of the Fruit Stripe gum. You know the one with the Zebra on the package that always smells so nice, but loses flavor almost immediately?

Soap ingredients

The lip balm smells like a blueberry version of that for some reason. When you apply it, the balm is creamy and not overly waxy. There is the light taste of blueberries initially, but it fades quickly. It does leave the lips nice and hydrated, which is nice.

The soap is lovely to look at. It looks like a foaming cappuccino and has decorative coffee beans and a doughnut floating on the top. It is supposed to be coffee and doughnut scented. I get the slight hint of coffee, but mostly what I smell is a mix of castor and olive oil. Interestingly enough, once wet the soap smells a bit more almond-y than anything else. It lathers well and once the suds were rinsed off, my hands just smelled clean. There was no scent residue, or soap residue either, on them.

A quick lather

All in all I am rather pleased. I wish the scent of coffee was a little stronger as the castor oil scent isn’t my favorite, but it fades quickly so there isn’t really much of an issue.

The blueberry scent lasts longer and I like that scent so I’m fine with that. I like the look of the soap and it will be interesting to see how it wears. I will be keeping this at the very least for a second month, so when the next month’s subscription comes in I’ll give you an update on how this soap lasted through out the month. For now, I am happy I gave the Lips and Lather subscription a trial.

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