The Daily: September 28th, 2021

You know I really do try to make plans. Like actual ones. Sometimes, the world just sort of intervenes.

Yesterday afternoon I received a all from my oral surgeon’s office about my implant check up. Earlier this summer I had a crown snap off, breaking off the tooth with it and sending me into a world of pain I did not know existed. I had to have the fragments of the tooth removed and an implant post inserted by the oral surgeon so the implant had a place to lock into. Apparently it screws into the post which is why my babydoll calls it a robo tooth.

However before the final robo tooth can be installed by my dentist, the post had to sit for three months and then be checked over by the oral surgeon. There were scheduling difficulties as illness of varying types (including the garden variety common cold) swept through the dental community.

It shouldn’t be surprising considering as there is usually a flu season scheduling hiccup in the dental world here, but with all that is going on people are being extra careful (which I appreciate as they will be poking around inside my mouth) and schedules have gone all wonky. The appointment call yesterday was to tell me there was a cancellation for today that I could have instead of my rescheduled one later in October.

I jumped on it.

while the robo tooth is far enough back not to be in my smile line, it kind of drives me crazy and I want the tooth filled in. The flash of metal (and the gap) bothers me a lot, especially when I am brushing my teeth. even if no one else sees it regularly. And I can’t get it filled until the oral surgeon gives it the thumbs up. Which he will hopefully do this afternoon.

So there will be no makeup today. I generally find it pointless to wear makeup to the dentist’s office. Between the gloved fingers, x-ray stretching and potential drooling, I find it better to just go au natural. I do however use my lip mask during the day though. I tend to apply and extra coating of my night time lip mask during the day and let it sit until I go to the dentist. then I wipe it off so my lips are hydrated but not slick with product. The current one is the Laniege lip mask in Berry (I kind of want the new peppermint they have out, but it will take me a really long time to get through the berry). Its actually quite nice. I generally find this keeps my lips from drying out and cracking as much. Especially in the winter.

Not that it is winter yet, but I do this even in the summer. Just my way of helping my lips deal with dentistry. So this morning I went on a long walk, got all of the absolutely necessary paperwork done and now am off to the dentist. Hopefully the thumbs up won’t take terribly long and I can do a little work this evening, but right now I’m just so thrilled I don’t have to wait another three weeks to have the inspection that I am willing to work late the rest of the week to make up for it. I’m good with that.

So, heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to the oral surgeon’s we go.

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