The September Sheet Masks

One of the things that accumulate in my house are sheet masks. There are a few I mark out as fantastic and will purchase repeatedly, but there aren’t many. I mark the ones I like on wither Facetory or Masquebar and when I run out, I order them. At the moment I am really liking the bio-cellulose style of sheet masks and they seem to be the ones I tend to order the most. I deliberately didn’t use any of them this month as I want to clear out some of my older masks first. But if you like them Masque Bar has an entire range of bio cellulose masks.

The majority of my masks come from subscription boxes. I put them into a basket and I try to remember to reach for them when I want a quick mask.

The problem is that the mask basket is set off to the side and out of my direct line of sight so I tend to forget about them. I add sheet masks to the basket, but lately I haven’t been taking them out. And so this September I decided to at least try to whittle the basket down.

For those who are routine visitors, you know I generally use a face mask on Friday afternoons to give myself a little bit of a Friday zen moment. Or at least as zen as I get. I’m not a particularly zen person. I’m a writer. Anytime you give me a moment to just clear my thoughts, a plot bunny attacks the back of my brain. I start wondering if you could mix poison into a face mask so that it absorbs through the skin and slowly kills someone long after they’ve left the spa. Then I start wondering who at the spa has murderous intents and why. Is the owner experimenting with a treatment and the poisoning is accidental? Is the victim an ex lover and the poisoning deliberate? Is the poisoner trying to make a political statement about the health and wellness industry?

Is it a combination of things? Hmmm, well?

This is why I tend to listen to music or podcasts when I mask up on Fridays, because seriously this is the sort of thing that goes through my head. And as fabulous as The Masked Murderer Mystery Series would no doubt be, generally I try to at least attempt fifteen minutes of relaxing on Friday afternoon, which works better if I can shut my brain down a bit.

However, I generally also use masks on Mondays and Wednesdays as well. These are a bit different. Sometimes I use them in the evening and sometimes I use them post walk and pre makeup. If I use them during the day, I generally have been exercising outside. I then do a quick face wash after cooling down and then I will put on a mask that I can wear while working at the computer. If my schedule allows. I generally find that my skin really enjoys a post workout mask.

Plus even if I work through it, the mask feels like a bit of a treat.

So this September I decided to take nine masks from my sheet mask basket and set them on a corner of my desk where they were constantly in sight. So when Monday and Wednesday masking came around, they were already there and I didn’t have to go to the masking drawer at all. They were already out.

And it works, I did use all of the sheet masks I put out, the last one I will actually use this afternoon, but you’ll see why it doesn’t matter for this list. You see one of the packs of masks I pulled out was a set of six identical masks. I actually have two sets of these. So I figured I would just go ahead and use all six in the first pack this month and then choose three other masks to break out to use to make my nine. So let’s look at September’s Sheet masks.

First the six pack. I’ll admit, I’ve been avoiding these. Mostly because they are rose scented. These are the Honey Jarret Super Beau’Tea Masks. These sheet masks are infused with rose and Jarret tea. Jarret tea is a proprietary mix of Morninga, Lemon Myrtle and Kombucha. The main purpose of the mask is hydration, which it does do very well. It is a very hydrating mask and fantastic to use after walking around outside. It is soothing and Honestly I really love the masking material. It feels like a soft cloth on the skin which is really nice. It clings to the skin and doesn’t slide around. The material is really the one I would choose for masks if allowed to make the call. The scent however is strong. It is Rose with a slightly fermented back note. Seriously, that is the scent. The fermented smell I’m guessing comes from the Kombucha. Everything else is rose. I like the masks but I think it will be a while before I use them again because the rose scent was a bit bombastic. I also think that next time I do this I will choose one from the pack and not put the entire six pack in my line up. But five of this pack have been used and I have one more to use this afternoon. I can’t actually complain as it is a good mask. With the heavy rose scent I don’t know if I would order these masks again, but the serum does feel nice and I really like the masking material so there is a possibility. I just need to let the scent fade from memory before I do. But as I have six more in my basket of sheet masks, it will be a while before I need to commit to that kind of action.

Next up we have the Avette Daily Fresh Squeeze mask. Most of the information on this mask is in Korean but it does have pictures of Lychees on it so that is more or less what I assumed the theme was. This is actually one of a three pack. I used one a while ago and I still have a second one in my mask basket. At least I think it is the same Lychee mask. It might be a different type from the same brand. This mask smelled fresh and was dripping with serum. Very much dripping with serum. I had to wipe some of it off so that it didn’t drip down my neck actually. The scent is certainly milder than the rose. But honestly the effect weren’t as nice. The Honey Jarret did actually provide the better hydration. This was a standard sheet mask. It was fine but not really memorable. The material was typical, the scent was fresh but not really something to remember and the effects were okay. I’ll use the other one in my sheet mask basket, but I don’t see any reason to actually repurchase this mask. It was okay but very forgettable.

The Jigott Pomegranate Real Ampule Mask was actually my favorite of this sheet mask selection. I picked it up on the Facetory site. I really love just poking around there and seeing what sort of masks show up. It smells slightly fruity, but mostly just like clean skincare. While there was plenty of serum, it wasn’t dripping with it. The mask is also 100% cotton. Not only does this really mean that it clings nicely to the skin and doesn’t slide off while I work at the computer but it also means that after I took it off, I rinsed out the remaining serum from the mask and popped it into the composter. It is actually disintegrating nicely. The serum also made it quite lovely to wear as well. It is a hydrating mask and my skin really did enjoy the mask. I will definitely be picking this mask up again.

This brings us to the last sheet mask of the month and it is from the Hello Ganic line of vegan sheet masks. These too came in a pack, but they are all different. This 1 a Day mask is Peach and Lime. Even though it appears to have more English words on it, most of the information is still in Korean. On the back the information that is in in English comes in headline format. There is: Brighten and Even Skin tone. Peach! And Not Tested on Animals. All of which is good to know, but not especially detailed. On the front it does claim that the material of the sheet mask is made from Eucalyptus Sheet. I would have liked more information about that and perhaps the copious amount of writing on the back of the packet does go into it. However despite the fact that there is a lot of writing on the packet, the bulk of the information is written in Korean.

I do not speak or read Korean.

I will say though, sheet masks do make me want to learn.

I don’t know if that can be considered a learning incentive but after using so many really good Korean skin care products learning the language seems like the next logical step. Its a sneaky way to get you to want to learn. I respect that. Even as I fall into the trap.

When I opened it and applied it I didn’t find anything different about the sheet mask material. It looked like a sheet mask. It stayed on well and although it was saturated with serum it wasn’t saturated to the point where it dripped. It did have a vague scent that was peach crossed with lime. So it smelled like the claims on the package. My skin felt nice after using it and I wouldn’t mind using it again. I can’t say I saw much brightening or evening, but I think I’d have to use the mask on a routine basis to see progress, just like any other skin care. I liked it enough that I am looking forward to the other sheet masks that came in the package and I would consider repurchasing it.

So there you have it, the Sheet masks of September. Today of course I will use the last of this pack of Honey Jarret masks. And afterwards, I am going to avoid rose scented sheet masks for a little while. I know there are quite a few from different brands lurking in my sheet mask basket. But I think for now, the rose scented masks from all brands will be pushed to the side for a bit.

Over all I really liked the idea of counting up the Monday and Wednesdays in the month and then selecting the same number of sheet masks. Keeping them out where I could see them and easily reach for them made me use them. I tend to go more for jars of masking products naturally so this actually reminded me to use them. It was a great way to trick myself and I found at least one mask that I will be ordering again in the future. I probably will not do this in October because I am getting ready to start a month long masking trial, but I think that I will definitely be bringing back the stack of sheet masks back for another round. And honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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