Unboxing the October 2021 Tokyo Treat Box Premium

Okay my darlings I have a new subscription to share with you. Well it might not be new new but it is new to me. Tokyo Treat asked if they could send a box over for review and I said yes as soon as I looked it over. Their premium box is $35 per month (less if you go for a 3, 6 or 12 month option) and contains 17 separate items.

The box ships from Tokyo and this month’s box weighed in at 1.2 Kg. My order was placed September 30th, the box shipped October first and I received it Monday October 4th. Included in the box (as one of the seventeen items is a full sized drink, which I find kind of outstanding, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First off, let’s look at the box. I opened it and the box was packed full of goodies. I think I am so used to seeing boxes this size with just a few items in them that I was actually stunned by the number of things inside. Right on top is the booklet that explains what is inside. And thank goodness for it. All of the items are from Japan and pretty much all of the information that is on the packaging is in Japanese. Understandably of course, it is after all from Japan.

However, I don’t speak Japanese.

Or I suppose technically read Japanese.

Luckily, the booklet is in English. There is a wide spread in the center of the booklet that explains each item in English. Even better there is a picture of the item next to the explanation. I know that sounds silly but there were very few items I could pick up and know what they were without having a picture. I was okay with the soda as it was the only liquid and the Kit Kat as Kit Kat is pretty much the same in every language, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell a Happy Halloween Fugashi from a Umaiwa Mentai Flavor.

This makes the booklet inclosed very important. I like that not only does the booklet include information about the snacks, but they have a little bit of fun Japanese information included as well so you can learn while you try out new flavors.

Because it is October the fun facts are about Supernatural Japanese Spirits. Namely the Kappa, Rokurokubi and the Tengo. When I was little one of my babysitters was an elderly Japanese woman. I remember stories involving the Kappa. The cartoon version in the pamphlet seems far less terrifying. And I love that I now know I can make friends with it by giving it a cucumber. I don’t remember that from the stories. I just remember the attacking near water part. And to be honest I don’t general wander around lakesides holding a cucumber. Admittedly I don’t generally wander around too many lakes. So I’m probably safe.

And next lake side picnic I’ll pack cucumber sandwiches, just to be on the safe side.

You know, just in case.

All in all it is a very well thought out and interesting booklet. But on to the treats!

First off is the Calpis Soda Grape. I like grape soda actually, it is one of the few sodas I will still drink now and again. I don’t drink it often because I simply don’t drink sodas that often. This one is pale purple and somewhat creamy looking. In the description it is listed as ‘classic fizzy and milky goodness’ so I’m guessing that explains the color. I have to say I am very intrigued by this. I think that cold might be a better choice for this so I am putting it in the refrigerator. I think I might actually save it as my Friday night treat, even if it is clearly non-alcoholic. Since our home happy hour is more about settling in to regroup after a long week and less about the actual cocktail, I’m okay with it. It is an interesting looking combination I haven’t tried before and should be a fun trial.

Speaking of interesting, there is also the item I could sort of identify in the box as well. It is a package of Apple Cinnamon Kit kats. There are twelve mini bars in the package. And I have to admit, while I was going to save a lot of these to try out as my snacks throughout the next few weeks, I couldn’t help but open this up right away. It smells like apple pie and tastes apple-y with cinnamon. In other words it is a kit kat that tastes like apple cinnamon. I suspect I am going to have to hide these from my babydoll. He is an apple cinnamon fiend and I can so see him inhaling the entire bag in one sitting. I’ll have to put the bag away and just portion it out so the bag lasts.

Next up, is the red and black magic gum. It is flavored with Japanese cola (I have no idea how that differs from normal cola) and apparently turns your tongue red and black. A part of me wants to try this and another part wants to pass it off to one of my friend’s kids with no warning and see what the reaction is. Sometimes being an adult is hard. Although as the child might get the sugar crazed starry eyes of the package, perhaps I best not chance it.

Moving on there is the Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn which from the description sound like chocolate coated corn snacks and the Umaibo Cheese which is described as having a mellow cheese flavor. I’m sure I’ll mention this several times, but I really like the mix of sweet and savory treats in the box. It isn’t just a sugar bomb which very much appreciate.

Plus, you know I can’t resist cheese or anything cheese flavored. Except spray cheese. I can’t do spray cheese. It hurts something deep in my soul. Everything else I can sort of justify, but not spray cheese.

The largest item in the box also has the word Corn written across it. (Its in English so I can read it. Ha ha, a clue!) It also has a girl with corn snack cones on her fingers. I remember doing that with Bugles when I was a kid and I kind of hope these are a similar treat. The booklet describes them as having a buttered toast flavor, which I find really interesting. I know I keep saying the word interesting, but as I haven’t tried much of anything in this box before I’m having to picture what I think the taste will be like. I plan to oen and enjoy each item in turn and not just gobble them all down at once so interesting is sort of my fall back word for things whose flavor I can only guess but am looking forward to trying out.

One of the only treats in the box that was completely familiar to me was the Pocky. I get Pocky sticks a lot at the grocery store and the Strawberry is my favorite so I am thrilled to have a box. This isn’t just strawberry though, it is a strawberry and chocolate topping over a cacao base. Which is not available in the store near me. The only reason I didn’t open this right away is because I already opened the kit kats and I also feel a little guilty about contemplating using my friend’s kids to strike terror in their father, the dentist. So I will delay the opening until later.

The Mini Monster Fruit candy looks like a strip of sour rainbow candy the description seems to bear this out and as I like the fruity rainbow strips I am sure I will like this and a little candy in October is always appreciated. It is also a nice size for a piece of candy.

Happy Halloween Fugashi is only described as baked with wheat flour it is a light snack with a rich and slightly sweet flavor. I don’t know why the short and not very descriptive description makes me more curious. Perhaps it is the little witch with the green hair on the package. Perhaps it is just a savory treat I have never heard of. But I am kind of getting excited about all of the new things I get to try.

The Halloween Mochi Toro also looks like it could be a new taste sensation. It is described as ‘rice crackers with a crunchy and salty twist to break up your sugar rush’. At heart I am more of a salty savory type of person than I am a sweet sugary one. I really like that there are savory snacks mixed in with the sweet. I’m not entirely certain that the term Glutinous rice snack is all that much of a turn on there is a Holland Senbei for me to try and I kind of think the packaging is a bit on the adorable side.

We leave rice to go back to the corn snacks with the Umaiwa Mentai Flavor. It is described as light and crispy, two things I like in my snacks. The front of the package has what looks to me like tomatoes and basil. It could be something else entirely though. Maybe peppers and some type of green herb of which I am unfamiliar. There is zero English on the package so it is going to be one of those open and see type of things I think.

What is interesting is that one of the other items in the box is listed as Halloween Pizza snacks. It doesn’t have a picture showing pizza or tomatoes and basil on it so I can’t compare the two. It does have a ghost with a row of very sharp teeth on it. I don’t know why that bothers me. Perhaps because the fang toothed ghost looks so happy. Like he’s been snacking on trick or treaters. Maybe he’s the pizza ghost? Who knows?

Dipping back into the sweet we have the Maple Butter Beer Ramune Candy. They are described as fizzy with a rich maple butter taste. Quite honestly that sounds delicious. I think it is supposed to be a play on the Harry Potter Butter Beer. I’m sure it isn’t the same, but it still sounds tasty. The mini Strawberry Milk Choco Balls also sound pretty tasty. Each one is also supposed to come with a fortune in it. I am not entirely certain how that works or if I will be able to read any fortune that comes inside the treat.

I find myself oddly amused by the fact that they come in the same type of foil packet as my allergy pills. Although my allergy pills don’t taste of chocolate and strawberries and the only fortune they have is ‘If you take me before bed, you will be able to breathe through your nose all night long despite the pollen count’.

I know, not as amusing, but because we are in the strange in between season where it is too warm for the heater and too cool for the air conditioning, we have to sleep with the windows open a little to promote air flow. It also brings in the pollen, hence the allergy pills.

Next we have the Full Moon Pon which is a rice cracker with a salty and spicy soy sauce flavor. I’m not entirely certain what happened to the bunny on the front of the package, but I really want to try this treat out. It looks like a cookie, but it is salty and spicy. This could be fun.

The final treat in my box this month will definitely be fun. It is the Spooky Water DIY Candy Kit. Yes you heard that right. A DIY candy kit. And while I am pretty sure I could follow the pictures on the bak to mix it appropriately, Tokyo Treat has helped me out by including the Directions in English in the pamphlet. So there should be no issues. Apparently Strawberry gel, blue raspberry gel mixed with lemon gel make a grape candy gel. Which I find interesting. I also think that there will come a day very soon where sitting and mixing the candy might actually be a great stress relief. So I look forward to playing with it.

I know this was a bit of a long post to break out what came in the box, but there was a lot in the box. As this was my first time opening a Tokyo Treat box, I wanted to go into it to see what it was really about. I have to say I am quite pleased with this box. Not only is it packed full of products, they are products that for the most part are completely unfamiliar to me. Which means I get to try a whole range of products I didn’t know anything about and one of the reasons to enjoy this box.

I love that while there is some candy and a lot of sweet (it is after all the October/Halloween box) there are plenty of non-sweet items. As many of you may know, I do like an afternoon snack. Right now our stores are packed with oranges and satsumas so there is a lot of fruit that I am using as my snacks. I am actually alternating with some Chomps Cranberry Habanero beef sticks, since I always have them on hand.

While most of my weekly snacks will still come from those type sources, I don’t see any harm in rotating a few of these snacks into the mix here and there. It adds excitement and a little anticipation to the afternoon snack. And every now and again, you just need a little something different. I know the descriptions were a little sparse, but as these items are completely unfamiliar to me, I can’t really say much about them yet. I actually find the complete mystery of the flavors rather exciting. I am also looking forward to learning a bit more about Japanese snacks.

For those of you who are looking for more tea time treats, the company does several different boxes. In the pamphlet there is an advert for the Sakuraco Box which seems to be more tea and tea cake sort of snacking products. This also might be interesting to look into if you are expanding your snack time repertoire and are looking for more baked goods than sweet and salty snacks like the Tokyo Treats box.

I do think that if you are interested in trying Japanese snacks or simply trying something new, this is a great way to do it. I’ll be honest, while I like that there are some familiar flavors like apple cinnamon and chocolate strawberry, I am far more intrigued by the things I have never tried. The Happy Halloween Fugashi, the Umaiwa Mentai Flavor, the Holland Senbel and the Full Moon Pon are all items I have no real preconceived notion of what they taste like or should taste like and I’m really quite excited to try them. I am also impressed with the size of the products in the box as well as the variation. Over all, it is a pretty impressive snack box.

This month Tokyo Treat is the first Subscription box that has come in and therefore the first I’ve gotten to open. It is packed full of goodies and quite honestly just looks like a lot of fun. I think that with all the new things to try, it just might be one of the most exciting ones.

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