Perfume Review: Zents

Oh my darlings, you know the weather has changed. Well, actually it has been yo-yoing, but the intense heat of summer has been broken. And you know what that means? I can go back to wearing perfume.

There is just something about the hot, humid and intense heat of our summer this year that just made me avoid all scents. I think I even leased towards les scented body washes. (Incidentally the Andalou Naturals body wash, very low scent and fantastic for the summer). But last week I actually found myself reaching for some perfume. Okay technically an Eau de Toilette, but it is still applied scent.

For me, that is the surest sign that Autumn has arrived.

Before the summer’s heat steered me away from scent, I was working my way through the Samples collection of Zent’s Scents. So I decided to finish up the bag before moving on to other perfume trials. There are only a couple of samples left to try. I know I’ve said it a million times, but I love sample collections of perfume.

Scent is such a personal thing that I almost never buy a full sized bottle without having worn a sample of the scent for at least a week. In general if I can wear a perfume every day for a week and still like it as much at the end of the week as I did at the beginning, then it is a product i can consider buying. Some scents I have tried I liked the first day but couldn’t take any more of by the third say. Others, I wasn’t so fond of at the beginning of the week, but fell in love with by the end of the trial.

With Zent’s Eau de Toilettes, there is the added perk of learning the scents that tie into the bath and body products. Zents does scent lines. So if you like the Mandarin scent for example then you can get it in a bath truffle, a hand lotion and even a shampoo. (I highly recommend the shampoo actually, it was fabulous. But so are the bath truffles actually). The scents vary from product to product. In general I have found that the Eau de toilettes are more complex in scent than the bath products.

I’m sure it is simply a much more concentrated product, but you get more nuances with scent from them. This past week I wore the scent called Ore. According to the product page…

Euphoric & Sexy
bay laurel, orris, ylang ylang, clove, black pepper

Sparked by the fusion of healing and art, ZENTS ORE Eau de Toilette becomes a potent potion as it reacts with your body’s natural chemistry. You are the artist, crafting a unique essence that invokes what is in your heart, inviting love, beauty, and joy, and drawing all of life’s most cherished gifts into the present moment. Apply ORE Eau de Toilette on pulse points and heart area. Your radiance and warmth will bring the scent to life and make it uniquely yours.

ZENTS ORE Eau de Toilette is pure perfection on its own. It is also fully compatible with other scents and products in the collection.

Create your signature blend by spraying each scent in the same spot on your wrist. Then, rub wrists together to blend.

I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t think I was going to like this scent. I sprayed it on my wrist and thought, Okay that’s not really me. As the week passed, I ended up liking it more and more. It is a more masculine scent than I am used to wearing. I didn’t think I would like it because me and black pepper are not exactly the best of friends. However it isn’t the dominant scent. I get much more bay laurel and clove out of the scent.

While I started off thinking it was a bit on the masculine side, as the week wore on I just started to think of it as a warm and comforting scent. It started to make me think of hearty soups and stews made on cold days and of spice cookies. It doesn’t actually smell like cooking, but those scents just brought me back to that warm and comforting space that those kinds of winter hardy foods tend to produce. I will admit that a lot of my winter themed foods do use bay laurel and clove so it isn’t much of a surprise.

While it is a scent that I could easily see giving to my babydoll to wear, it is also one that I can wear as well. It is more of a unisex scent that leans slightly more masculine.

So I started off not really sure about the scent but at the end I liked it. I am not sure if I would buy this for myself or my babydoll, but it is a scent that I wouldn’t mind having around. It is one I could very quickly grow accustomed to.

As with all of the Zent’s Eau de toilettes that I tried, it sprays out fairly strong as though announcing it’s presence in a dramatic fashion. It then seems to be embarrassed by its own attempt to draw attention and fades back to a skin hugging scent. All of the Zent’s products are more personal in design. As I tend to wear perfumes for myself rather than anyone else, I like this. It is a scent you can get away with in an office as well as on a date. It won’t travel to the next cubicle and annoy those you work with (especially if you are social distancing) but this particular scent does skew to a little more after hours wear. While I don’t think it would be a problem to wear in the office, I would personally go with a date night use as it is a slightly sexier scent than I feel my work desk deserves.

Although maybe if I wore the sexier scent for the computer it wouldn’t cause me so many issues. But that is another story all together. For now, I rather liked this scent. It is on the slightly more masculine side of unisex but not too heavy for me to wear. I think that while I am still on the fence about the Eau de Toilette, I suspect that the Bath truffles in this Ore Scent from Zents are ones that my babydoll will adore. As I am stocking up on the bath truffles as we head into bath weather, I will be adding a couple to my list of products to order. The Eau de Toilette my be a later purchase.

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