The arrival of Macy’s Beauty box, October 2021

It is with the Macy’s Beauty box that I have really felt the postal delays, at least in the past few months. I know, as of this moment, Glossy Box still hasn’t mailed out for the month of October, let alone arrived, but the Macy’s beauty Box causes me the most postal angst.

This is a $15 per month subscription and quite honestly i always feel like I get more than I was expecting with the box. Some months are better than others, which happens with all subscriptions, but I still always feel like I receive more than I expect. I think part of that is the perfume samples. While each month you are supposed to receive five items, and a bag (or something replacing the bag, you also get two perfume samples on top of the other samples. As a result it just feels like more.

Plus I always love having extra perfume samples to try out.

Typically this subscription renews around the 27th of the month prior. So, for example, I was charged September 27th for the October Beauty Box. This box was mailed out actually on October 1st. Or at least that is when I received the tracking e-mail. Everything seemed to be going well until it reached Smyrna. According to the tracking codes it arrived in Smyrna on October 6th. And there it stayed until October 18th. And that my darlings is when it arrived at my mail box.

Of course tracking still says it is in Smyrna , so perhaps it escaped without anyone knowing.

I know everyone is dealing with all sorts of delays and such, but for some reason it is, for me the Macy’s Beauty box where it shows. I think I may just have to stop watching the tracking number on it. It gives me a great deal of angst.

But what was in this month’s box?

Well first off this month the bag was replaced by a rose quarts Gua Sha Tool. It is nice and heavy and feels very nice in the hand. I’ve received a cheaper plastic version before, but as I didn’t care for the plastic I didn’t use it. This feels like something that I would actually use, so I am happy to try it out. There is no information on it in the pamphlet that came with the box so I’ll have to look into the proper way to actually use it, but I never really mind doing a bit of research.

The tool replaced the bag this month and I am okay with that. This means that the first of the five items this month was a black eyeliner from 3INA. I recently received a Brown Eyeliner from the brand in another subscription box and I love the pen style. It drew a fine line that dried quickly and didn’t smudge. I tend to wear more eyeliner in the cooler months than I do in the hot. And actually I found out that I have no working pen style liners at the moment so I will be happy to use this one.

The second item is the Perricone MD High Potency Growth Factor Firming and Lifting Serum. I’ve used many products from Perricone MD and actually just received a cleanser in my Boxy Charm. I can’t recall if I’ve use a serum from the brand before, but as I like the other categories of skincare and makeup they produce, I am willing to give it a go.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz brow pencil was the third item in the box. It is a standard dark brown eyebrow pencil. It has an angled edge which I really like and because it is a deluxe mini size it is perfect for a travel bag. I’ve used ABH brow pencils before and always find they work well for me. The trick though is to warm them up on your hand first as it is a bit of a stiff formula. Or it was. It has been a while since I’ve used the ABH pencils. At the moment I am really loving the Billion Dollar Brows Pomade in taupe. I do like traveling with pencils rather than pans though so the pencil is appreciated.

The Cosrx pimple master patch was also in this months box and quite honestly going into the holiday season , having spare pimple patches around is a pretty good idea. I generally go with either Zitsticka or Peace Out Acne Dots, but even though I try to restrict my calories the foods at this time of the year start to get richer and harvier and my skin often shows the dietary change. I’ve never heard of the brand Cosrx but if the pimple patches work I will happily include them with the others in my holiday survival kit.

The fifth item this month is actually a mascara from Tarte. Its the Lights Camera Lashes 4-in-1 travel Mascara. Oddly enough I have gone from having an over abundance of mascaras to down to a few tubes as I have worked though my secret mascara stash. So I am happy to have another one. I generally like Tarte mascaras. They usually preform well for me and are a great work day type of product.

This month there was a sixth item in the box and it was the Kiehl’s New Retinol Skin Renewing Micro Dose Serum.I am always happy to try out a new serum. Kiehl’s and I have an on and off relationship. Sometimes I really like the product. Sometimes I can’t stand the product. Very rarely do I feel middle of the road about it. With me Kiehl’s runs hot and cold, love or hate. It will be interesting to see where I land with this one. I will say though, the products I love, I really love. So I have my fingers crossed that this goes into my loves list.

In addition to the products included in the box, there were two perfume samples this month, as there usually are in each box. This month there was Daisy from Marc Jacobs and Defy from Calvin Klein. The Calvin Klein one is new but Daisy is a long time favorite. It is very much a spring scent for me. It is one that I will reach for when the green tips of the daffodils are struggling to push out of the cold ground and I really want spring to just arrive. So this sample I will put away to use for later. The Calvin Klein I will put in the line up to be tried out soon. Now that the weather isn’t so warm, I’ve started wearing scent again. For a while it was just too hot for me to want to wear perfume.

So that my darlings was the October Macy’s Beauty Box. While maybe not the most exciting box they’ve put together, I actually really liked it. There are a couple of favorites as well as several new things to try. It is a good mix for me actually. Who knows I might find something I really like. And isn’t that the point of trying samples?

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