Reviewing the Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

I am one of those people that whenever a product gets a lot of public hype, I tend to get suspicious. Especially when it is a new product. I’ll see a product come on the market and I will read rave reviews and see all sorts of posts and videos pop up saying how fabulously fantastic a product is and I’ll think, Let’s wait a bit.

I know that sounds a bit odd, but that is truly what my inner voice says. And I think it is because I’ve been burned by hype before. Now I am cautious. I wait until the initial release furor calms down and then I see how people feel. I know, this doesn’t make me first in line for products, but it does let me form my own opinion about things.

This Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara is not a new to the market product. It has been out a while. I believe it has gotten a bunch of accolades. I’ll admit, I liked the look of it. Instead of a slick plastic tube, it comes encased in a leatherette look casing (it is plastic). While I like the look of the case, I also like that it isn’t smooth. My mascara is the second to last thing I put on my face. Lips are the very last, if you are wondering.

Often by the time I get to my mascara, there are traces of primer on my finger tips, or my hands might be damp. I like that this mascara has a textured covering with kind of squared off edges. It means that no matter what is on my hands, it is easy to open. I expect if you had mobility issues, this might be an easier mascara for you to open as well, since it is easy to grip without slipping.

I know, packaging isn’t the point, but it does play a roll. And actually it has been on my mind a bit more lately. My mother had surgery on her dominant hand and while she is healing well and will regain full mobility she has mentioned a host of things that she is having issues doing that she never thought twice about before. So because of that I have been thinking about some mobility types of things lately. If it affects you, this packaging might help. If it doesn’t effect you, the packaging is pretty.

just one coat

The want is thinner than I am used to. I generally go for thicker wands with my mascara, but I have been surprised by wands that didn’t impress me by sight. One Notable one is the Beauty for Real mascara. It has a tiny almost laughable wand, but performs amazingly well.

So I tried it out. Interestingly enough, when I used it during the week, I thought this mascara was a nice every day mascara. It felt lightweight on the lashes and I didn’t really get any flaking or clumping. It actually felt weightless on the lashes which I think is a great mascara for the office. I personally don’t need anything that assists my eyes in drooping while I work.

no mascara
Eye with two coats of mascara

However it wasn’t spectacular looking. It was good, but didn’t look like the pictures. It was in no way dramatic. I’ve got to admit, I was a little disappointed. But it was still a fine mascara to wear. Then I went to take the pictures for this post of before and after lashes. I decided to use the mascara when my face was otherwise bare so that the focus would be the mascara. I applied one eye’s worth of product and then the doorbell rang. I put the mascara down and answered it. I was at the door maybe two minutes. Then I returned. I added a second coat to the one eye that had mascara on it and BAM dramatically lengthened lashes.

This didn’t happen on normal makeup days.

So I went to the other eye. I applied the mascara as I usually did. Good, but not dramatic. I waited exactly one minute (yes I timed it) then added a second coat and BOOM, dramatic lashes. I think what needs to happen is that the first coat needs a moment to settle in and dry down slightly before the second coat is applied. That way the second coat has something to grab on to, bond with and build upon. If given that moment, the mascara looks more or less like the photographs on the website.

I actually really like this Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. There are some days where I want dramatic lashes and other days where I am not looking dramatic. The fact that I can get both with this mascara is nice. I was actually quite impressed. I think if you are looking for a lengthening mascara, this might be one you want to give a try. It may not be the newest product on the market at this point, but it is a really good product. Just remember to pause a bit between coats, and you’ll be fine.

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