Friday Face Mask: Enjoying the skincare ritual with Healing Bark

This is a sponsored post but as always the opinions are my own.

If you often read my posts, you know that I love skincare. Each week I talk about the line up of products I’m using and how i feel about them. while I love trying and using the products, one thing I love about skincare is the ritual of it.

I don’t think I realized quite how much I loved the ritual of skincare until I set about doing this month long trial of the Healing Bark’s Golden Tree Bark Mask. While this mask can be used a couple of times a week (like most other masks) it can also be used daily. Once I tried it and realized my skin reacted well to it, I decided to use the mask each day for the month of October.

wet mask

As anyone who loves skincare knows, effects are cumulative and it generally takes thirty days to see results. This week was the third week of using the Golden Tree Bark Mask. All the pictures in this post are from today. I am saving the comparison for the end of the month (only one more week to go). I have actually not looked back at the pictures to see if there is any difference yet because I want to see what appears at the end of thirty days myself.

I can say that my skin feels smoother. I know that doesn’t always translate well to photographs, but my skin feels very fresh and clean. And it isn’t just a fresh and clean feeling right after I use the mask, but a feeling that lasts. I have gone to wash my face and been impressed by the improvement in texture.

And I really like the ritual. For the first week it was difficult to remember. I have been (except for Fridays) using the Golden Tree Bark Mask in the evenings. After dinner I remove my makeup and wash my face. I pat the skin dry and then mix up the mask. There is no rushing the mixing. It is going to take the powder the same amount of time to absorb the water no matter how you stir it. Then there is the slight adjustment.

Is the mask too thick to spread easily in a thin layer? If so add a little water and stir. Because you have to watch how much water you add in so that it doesn’t become too wet and drippy, you have to really focus on what you are doing. It doesn’t require a lot of brain power, but it does require you to be present.

No matter how stressful the day, I have found that that short minute to mix the mask, really helps to kind of slow down my thoughts and relieve some of the stress. And then there is the application. Again applying it in a thin layer on the skin with a silicon brush doesn’t take much brain power, but again, it is a calming part of the ritual.

pre-mask exfoliation

Rinsing the mixing bowl and utensils is super easy. This mask doesn’t cling so the remnants are easily removed. Everything just requires a quick rinse to clean and then a towel to mop up the few drips.

Then there is the half hour to sit and wait, letting the mask do it’s job. This isn’t a mask you can wear in the back yard without anyone noticing. With it on, I am not running to the mail box. I am not popping out for a quick errand. Having to sit and let my multitasking be accomplishing one small thing while the mask works is again another calming thing. I have actually taken to planning out the following day while sitting with the mask. I sit still and use the half hour to make a checklist of things that need to be accomplished the following day.

The checklists themselves have actually helped calm my brain a bit and made the following day a little less stressful. Three cheers for planning!

Because this is week three I don’t have to remind myself to mask as much. It has simply become part of the evening ritual. And because of it I can actually feel myself settling after my day as soon as I walk into the bathroom to take off my makeup. It is a nice and somewhat unexpected feature. I know I’ll have to wait to see visual skincare benefits until next week, but personally, that has been a good life benefit to using the mask each night.

This week, I did something a little different. Monday, Wednesday and today, I used a gentle exfoliator on my skin just before I used the mask. I went with something that was extremely fine grained, very gentle and didn’t leave any skincare based residue on my skin. I did use a physical exfoliator rather than a chemical one. I wanted to see if the exfoliator taking off the last tiny dregs of any other product and helping to clear out my pores might help the mask.

Dry mask, can’t smile it will crack

I think the exfoliation did help. The cleanser I am currently using tends to leave a little bit of a moisturizing layer on the skin and the days where I used the exfoliator before the mask, my skin felt a lot better when I took the mask off. I know part of that is due to the assistance of the exfoliator, well exfoliating the skin. But I think it really did help clear out the pores so that the mask was freer to work. I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating every day. That would far too much for anyone’s skin. But even if it is once a week, I would recommend using a physical exfoliator just before using the mask. It provides a nice assist. Just try to go with a gentle formula that doesn’t leave product behind when you rinse it off.

clean skin, feeling glowy and relaxed.

This week was especially hectic as I am trying to wrap up a few projects while working on an upcoming one. I am also trying to get my thoughts together for the upcoming holiday season and lists upon lists keep circling through my brain. I actually woke up this morning with my brain listing the top five baking essentials for the holiday season. Admittedly i think one of them might have been from a Dr. Seuss book. Or possibly a favored item from the Kitchen of the Swedish Chef from The Muppet show.

Top five and top ten lists have been springing out of nowhere when i least expect it. It makes the ritual of slowing down nightly with the Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask a more appreciated part of my daily routine and nightly ritual. Of course, I can’t wait until next week when i sit down and actually compare my post mask photo to the pictures taken on October 1st. For now, I am enjoying the mask, enjoying the soft texture of my skin and loving the calming ritual of this mask, bit during the week and as part of my Friday Face Mask.

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